Monday, May 13, 2019

OpEd: The Dems DESTROYED Civility

Political Civility

theodore  M I R A L D I.

You remember them, the sassy kids who called you names, then ran like hell!

 'Your Mother Wears Combat Boots' ...

This was a rare occasion in my time, not so today. The Left has been at the forefront of the change to social order for decades. The promotion of questioning everyone, and everything was to enlighten, both the supposed antagonist, and protagonist as well. Yet, it hasn't quite worked out that well.

Letting that disobedient kid on the train wack you across the face, while screaming bloody murder one minute, then laughing, has now become adult behavior as well. this new behavioral phenomenon affects, and infects human interactions on every level, from the Mail-Room to the Board-Room.

This insensitivity toward each other has been decades in the making. Unfortunately the Hyper-Active Civil Rights Movements allowed its supporters to shame Individuals, and Groups for words that have no connection to Bias, Racism or, Inequality.

An example of this would be 'You People' and the likes when those demanding equality are saying the most egregious thing about others. How about, 'Whitey', 'Cracker', 'Gringo', White Bread, and 'White Trash.' No problem for the Left, after all, it's about payback through ad nauseam attacks.

What we have allowed is an uneven knee jerk by those in power on the Left to stop one part of the population from speaking their truths, while allowing others to break all the rules of Civility and Social Integration. No-one should surmise that calling anyone slurs of any kind should ever be acceptable and used with such abandon for any occasion.

But Guess Again, in some communities, it's a Badge of Honor to Disrespect others. Just ride the MTA in New York City for a taste of disrespect. Trains filled with Men, Women and Children are assaulted with racist terms on a daily basis. These Urban Animals pound their chests while 'Spitting' their Vulgar Hate in the faces of your Wife, Children and Grandparents as they glare at you with malice.

Then there is the FREE DRUGS for all Trope, as children of all ages are Dying, becoming, Homeless, Mentally Ill, and Desperate. And the Desperation leads to living in a nightmare for life. The Left promotes these things, and yet brags about individual freedom, as they act against your best interests.

No-one who hasn't experienced addiction knows the Horror of Control Over the Soul, or the Death of a Future lost to the Left's Lust for Control.

As we listen to the Yapping of Rabid Dogs feasting upon Human Misery, they tell you they care, if only you would Vote for them...

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