Saturday, May 4, 2019

OpEd: The JIG Is Up! LIARS Running Out Of Time

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

One only need to take notice what constitutes an Adult Leader in Government. Acting like Foolish Children in Congress is why this nation is in the throws of a full blown Civil War. 

The Democrats have been Lying to you on just about everything. 

It's called Pseudologia Fantastica and is Pathological. Like any other addiction the Liar lies in order to gratify some psychological impulse such as the Lust for Power. Isn't it odd that those who call others mentally unbalanced use Clinical Psychological Terms to hurt their enemies, and validate their Lies.

It stands to reason, that after all the Investigations and newly found information regarding Spying on the Opposition with FBI, or CIA operatives, we are now finally going to find the truth about Collusion and Weaponizing our Institutions against American Citizens. This will make Watergate look like a petty B&E.

The web of complicity reaches the Obama White House, FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, and State Department. The Democrats have been Lying to you constantly to cover-up their criminal conduct.

Coupled with the active Abuse of Power by the Democrats in Congress, things couldn't be any worse. We are tolerating the seat of power of our nation being seeded by Socialists, Communists, and just Damn Liars! The stand before the public, look into the camera and repeat choreographed verbiage across the spectrum of the party, reinforced by a media acting as the Propaganda arm of the party.

For those who have never dealt with the Real Justice System before, the Jig is Up! The Professionals are finally on the job, and the rats are running for cover. Those who thought they would get away with the largest Abuse of Power in American Political History will be flushed out.

What can the Litmus Test be for new generations of Lawmakers who have watched others gain power by Lying to the very people that voted them into office?

They appear to live within a realm of petty, non-believers whose grievances equate to Hate and Division. The Serpent's Tongue speaks of Inclusion while Punishing with No Mercy.


Pathological Liars 

Lie with a clear intent or motive.
Create extravagant stories that may be maintained/tweaked over long periods of time.
Often believe their own lies / have a weak grip on reality.
More likely to go on the defensive if a lie is challenged.
Have more control over when they lie.
Feel less discomfort and exhibit fewer of the signs of lying.

Compulsive Liars: 

Feel literally compelled to lie, either because it’s the only way they know of operating or because they are uncomfortable with the truth.
Often lie for no clear reason and sometimes for no real benefit.
Make up lies more spontaneously and without great thought.
Prefer to tell the sorts of lies that they think people want to hear.
Mostly know what is a lie and what is the truth.
Are more likely to admit to lying when confronted, though this might not stop them from continuing to lie.

These characteristics merely point to some of the ways in which a pathological liar may differ from a compulsive liar, but they are not strict definitions. As we mentioned above, not everyone agrees on a clear separation between the two. ( )

The Left has become an Addition of Lies appealing to a narrative that can never be realized...

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