Sunday, June 30, 2019

Twenty LIARS Against FREEDOM

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theodore miraldi

The Democrats would have you believe that Healthcare, Immigration Laws, Border Security, Pay Inequality, Race Relations, Abortion and a host of other Domestic and Foreign Policy showed up after Trump was elected. 

For the nearly 3 years all the Democrats have accomplished has been stopping the administration from solving these problems. The Circular Firing Squad called Debates validates exactly what I've said. The Democrat Party offers nothing but Character Assassination, Slander and False Accusations.

What you witnessed last week was a Circular Firing Squad.

What they do agree on is Free Healthcare for Illegals, No Border Security, No Closing Loopholes on Immigration and Free college for Citizens and Illegals. Hold on now! That's not the contract that U.S. Citizens have with their government. No-one told us we would have to pay for the rest of the world.

Maybe it's time for a TAX STRIKE!!!

Maybe it's time to MARCH On WASHINGTON!!!

Even though all Economic Indicators say the country is doing great, the democrats talk about Income Inequality. Or how Illegals pay Billions of Dollars in Taxes, so they deserve Free Healthcare.

The Humanitarian Crisis at the Border is a direct result of the Democrats still reeling from an embarrassing loss in 2016. They are so disorganized they are losing control of their own Party.

And yet, they want to run our lives!

It's unfortunate the Democrats of the past are history. By pandering to the minorities for decades, the slow creep of Socialism is now Main Street, Urban America.

The massive flow of immigrants from socially dysfunctional nations over a the last 4 decades has eroded the nations character. There are good and bad cultures on this planet, and it's not hard to figure which are which.  

Why are we loading our nation with new Welfare populations. Nearly 50% of all new Immigrants are on some form of entitlements. 

This is the most technologically advanced nation in the world, why so many poor and uneducated who speak another language. The democrats idea for fixing the language barrier is to change the way American Citizens communicate with each other. We should demand Foreign speaking immigrants to
speak our language. 

Always Pandering for future votes at your expense. 

It's what the Democrats do...

Sunday, June 23, 2019

CONGRESS, House of Horrors

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theodore  miraldi

There's Evil Brewing in the Halls of Congress. And our Founding Fathers knew it would come!

As the American Public opened its arms to the world in obedience to its Christian/Judea founding principles, the world still hasn't opened its arms to us. Rather the opposite. What well minded people have done, is let the Wolves in the Chicken Coop. The abstract notion that the entire world can live in Peace is ludicrous and dis-proven time and time again. Maybe after some cataclysmic event of spiritual significance, or ET has landed, man will continue to have a Good and Evil nature.

So as everyday Americans went about their daily lives, raising children, working hard to make a better life, the well meaning, misguided Social Warriors have put our nation at Mortal Risk. First in War torn regions of the globe with humanitarian aid, then as open border advocates who care more about the optics, then process, and consequences.

And so, the results speak for themselves. 

More than One Million Illegals Adjudicated to be Deported are still living in our country, stealing jobs using forged identities or worse ... stolen. Many of whom collect Federal and Public Welfare, and yes Social Security. Many also receive Tax Refunds from the IRS. The same IRS that has been putting their finger on you!

It would seem the only ones afraid of the IRS are Americans, Not Illegals.

Immigration is only one problem eroding our nations' foundation. A nation built on organized migration from around the world has purposely become chaotic because some in Congress refuse to do their jobs. I call these people, the 3rd World Thinkers and some are American Citizens. Unfortunately one doesn't have to be a citizen to run for office in the House, and this may be the fatal flaw that destroys the process. Citizens who embrace the delusions of failed Culture and Societies.

When in history has a less integrated social class moved an entire nation to greatness...never.

I've written for years that the underbelly of underachievers would through the voice of victimization, gain control of areas populated with the like minded. The complainers, who left to their own devices continually empty the piggy-bank and vanquish whole areas of population. The similarity of the places is uncanny. Large, Non-English speaking Immigrants overwhelming citizens with demands and rhetoric bordering on violence. Clusters of poor minorities doing an anti-social creep as we stand by afraid to demand changes. Never in the history of our nation has so many thought Socialism is attractive.

As the fabric of the nation, descendants of recent and past Immigrants watch their dreams go up in flames with the constant surge of Illegals destroying the Liberty and Peace, some have worked for all of their lives.

Sorry to say, a vast amount of today's Immigrants are here for reasons not cogent to a story of assimilation, but Government Benefits, Free Housing, Food Stamps and yes, Healthcare. There are more Immigrants on Social Welfare than ever before.

So ask yourself, What are many in the House of Representatives doing to insure your safety and future? An honest answer would be...Nothing. As hundreds of thousands of people try to penetrate
our borders through loopholes in the laws that Congress wrote, they sit by and watch our nation being over-run by mobs of mostly young men from Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador and Mexico.
Recent crossings have included people from Africa, China and the Middle East as well. None of the people can be vetted, and thousands are entering our communities with Diseases wiped out in North America for decades.

What is Congress Doing?

Passing laws for Transgenders, Sanctuary Cities, and now Reparations, while nothing is being done about Infra-Structure, and Immigration is criminal. The nation is still trying to unravel the Obama Doctrine to overwhelm government systems and bring the nation to its knees. With the addition of 40 new Democrats in Congress, some of which only work for constituents of their own Ethnicity have literally demanded Socialists and Racially Centered policies.

I for one am tired of seeing Hispanic Congressmen and Congresswomen only care for other Hispanic
issues, whether their constituents are Citizens, or Illegals Crossing the Border. There is a cancer of Ethno-Centric behaviors never before tolerated . These behaviors are prevalent in less socialized societies. Multiculturalism barely works when populations have assimilated. Some Cultures refuse to be Americanized.

I am also tired of African/Americans complaining and voicing opinions so off mainstream cultural norms that no amount of regression of community standards ever satisfies those in office.  Some Black Leaders getting rich on the Public Dole while their communities suffer. It's all Sex, Violence and Drugs all the time. Although I know it's untrue, it appears these are the driving forces of some communities. Generations of stagnant young on every Socio-Economic scale.

Now mind you there are millions in these communities that want the same things we all want and work hard to achieve ... Personal Success. I live in an Immigrant community alongside African/Americans, Hispanics and Moslims from both the Middle East and Africa. They are my neighbors whom I have the utmost respect, many of whom are my friends. Most of them shake their heads in disbelief about what's happening in Congress. Are the Democrats now Foreign agents hell bend on destruction?

What many voice is that America is Evil and Dysfunctional. Congress is suppose to support the Common Citizen, not make us all Common.

Why aren't our Representatives, Representing us?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

OpEd: The Politics Of FANATICISM

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theodore M I R A L D I.

Those of us with long memories, and a penchant for Historical Facts understand what fanaticism does to Nations, and Individuals. In our carefree younger years Idealistic Dreams of Utopia and One World In Peace seemed the only alternative to Death and Destruction.

Mind you, History has been littered with War and not enough Peace. And here's why.

For the most part Idealism and Fanaticism reside in the minds of the young, or disenfranchised. How do Nations and Peoples overcome systemic Socio-Economic Disaster, when they are the ones Promoting, and Supporting it?

Like the old saying, 'If you're young and not an idealist you have no heart' yet heart alone most always leaves one with Unfulfilled Dreams and Disappointment.

Fanatics come in every stripe and color, and some are known to be genius.

Those aren't the ones who continually mess things up. They have their day and disappear just as quickly.

Imagine, young women fainting at the sight of Sinatra, Elvis and the Beatles. Some people become so Overwhelmed with an Idea, Thought, or Celebrity, they lose control of their physical and mental well being. How about the Branch Davidians and David Koresh, so embedded in an ideal they were willing to face a horrible death.

And it doesn't end there...the part of the human brain that triggers gratification is now on steroids, and what it ultimately produces are Dysfunctional Addictive Behaviors and hence Humans.

The horror of the Jim Jones Mass Suicide, and Heaven's Gate wanting Spock to Beam Them Up.

Let's take it a step further...Charles Manson's Helter Skelter, and his murderous followers.

Fans, Followers, Likes and Clicks all feed the Left's Instant Gratification Mobs. This is no different than the booming promises  of Hitler, El Duce', Castro. Mao and Stalin. First cultivate the children with Revised History about the Evils of the Past. Racism, Bias, Brutality, Privilege, and Uneven Wealth.

Next, divide the population through Identity, and concentrate on Racial Warfare while creating a New Larger Underclass by Opening the Borders and Over-Burdening all Social and Government Institutions.

And this will certainly lead to the Enslavement of the Masses on the Government Dole. It would seem those who wish to conquer others, again have Slavery on their mind. Just promise the World, and Deliver Poverty.

This is what the Political Left is doing to the United States. Not concerned about the future issuing moronic policies that do not take effect immediately, while the nation is destroyed.

These are the Liars of the Left who have been helping Citizens become Homeless and Addicted to Drugs.

The Politics of Fanaticism wants your Vote!