Sunday, June 30, 2019

Twenty LIARS Against FREEDOM

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theodore miraldi

The Democrats would have you believe that Healthcare, Immigration Laws, Border Security, Pay Inequality, Race Relations, Abortion and a host of other Domestic and Foreign Policy showed up after Trump was elected. 

For the nearly 3 years all the Democrats have accomplished has been stopping the administration from solving these problems. The Circular Firing Squad called Debates validates exactly what I've said. The Democrat Party offers nothing but Character Assassination, Slander and False Accusations.

What you witnessed last week was a Circular Firing Squad.

What they do agree on is Free Healthcare for Illegals, No Border Security, No Closing Loopholes on Immigration and Free college for Citizens and Illegals. Hold on now! That's not the contract that U.S. Citizens have with their government. No-one told us we would have to pay for the rest of the world.

Maybe it's time for a TAX STRIKE!!!

Maybe it's time to MARCH On WASHINGTON!!!

Even though all Economic Indicators say the country is doing great, the democrats talk about Income Inequality. Or how Illegals pay Billions of Dollars in Taxes, so they deserve Free Healthcare.

The Humanitarian Crisis at the Border is a direct result of the Democrats still reeling from an embarrassing loss in 2016. They are so disorganized they are losing control of their own Party.

And yet, they want to run our lives!

It's unfortunate the Democrats of the past are history. By pandering to the minorities for decades, the slow creep of Socialism is now Main Street, Urban America.

The massive flow of immigrants from socially dysfunctional nations over a the last 4 decades has eroded the nations character. There are good and bad cultures on this planet, and it's not hard to figure which are which.  

Why are we loading our nation with new Welfare populations. Nearly 50% of all new Immigrants are on some form of entitlements. 

This is the most technologically advanced nation in the world, why so many poor and uneducated who speak another language. The democrats idea for fixing the language barrier is to change the way American Citizens communicate with each other. We should demand Foreign speaking immigrants to
speak our language. 

Always Pandering for future votes at your expense. 

It's what the Democrats do...

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  1. Hit the nail on the head on it all. Thank you