Monday, July 8, 2019


theodore miraldi

As we watch the 2020 Election devolve into Mad Max goes to Washington, the Democrats are throwing anything and everything at the voters. Image Biden, an Ex-Vice President saying he would like to smack a sitting president in the mouth. Where's the Secret Service? Calls of Treason, Impeachment and now expansion of the Supreme Court. It's a Free For All for the Democrats. I hope they are embarrassed, they should be.

These politicians are no more than losers. Indians that aren't, African/Americans not from Africa, Gays who speak to Faith, and a gaggle of insurgents who support a Socialist Take-Over of the United States.

Instead of Resolving Real Problems like Immigration, Education, Infra-Structure, Internal/External Security, Voter ID's, Drug and Human Trafficking, the New Dilettantes of the Democrat Party are no more than Drama Queens looking for attention with every slanderous remark against the President, and nearly 50% of the country who disagree. It's how Democrats do Politics these days. Crying at Empty Parking Lots, using Migrant Children to Allow an Invasion on the Border.

They Are The Issue ... Democrats

No government in any form can succeed with a chorus of victims crying their way to the polls. As if, each offense is so egregious that Life, or Death is their only choice. Sounds to me like a Banana Republic, all emotive, and little self examination. Just look at 'Little Evita' AOC and her lies, and propaganda. 'Don't Cry For Me AOC'...North Americans historically aren't Criers, we are Doers. 

All of these candidates are Re-Runs of Failed Policies, and Dysfunctional Administrations. Pick Your Failure, there are at least half of the Democrats in that category. And on the bench, One Bar Maid. 

It's troubling to think that so many of my countrymen and women act like they are participating in a Reality Show instead of securing the future of the nation. Giving it all away to some form of Evil or Personal Dysfunction at the expense of everyone else. As our Creator sends us Back to the Future, what tales we will tell our Prodigies regarding respect for Human Life, and Cogent Social Understanding. 

Our Past has been filled with Violence and Hatred. Our we too Blind to See Tomorrow? 

There is a Simple Choice based upon a Simple Truth. Do You TRUST a Party Who Suddenly Finds God During Elections?

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