Saturday, July 20, 2019

Political Jihadist Rep. Ilhan Omar

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Representative Omar is not the child of some deprived family from Somalia. Most of her family were civil servants that the Somalian people revolted against. She lived a privileged life in a nation filled with poverty and corruption. This is the same nation that dragged dead US soldiers through the streets, and butchered their countrymen, women and children. I guess if those soldiers were Jews, or Christians, Omar would approve.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a Political Jihadist. Her words are meant to topple our government.

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When assessing Omar's life, one must consider she is still part of a Culture and Religion that promotes hatred for Jews and Christians. A religion whose foundations are embedded in Christian/Judea beliefs. What Omar has done is bring those hatreds to our nation. Using her fortune to continue a battle rooted in a region since the sixth century. Giving support to those who blatantly kill Jews, and yet calling Americans Nazis and Fascists.

Ungrateful, and with no humility this young woman was to be a shining example of Refugees who have found success in our Democratic system. With open arms this nation educated her and gave her father a job at the US Post office. She was given advantages that American children would never be considered.

And this is what we have been given in return, a new American Citizen who not only hates America and what it stands for, but the same hatred from the war torn dysfunctional region of the world where people get blown up in Churches, Temples, Workplaces, Hotels and just about everywhere else.

Make no mistake, Omar has little to teach our nation and its people. 

After All ... WE Saved Her! 

And in the end she will be rebuked by the majority, whether they are Democrats, or Republicans. This is not a rebuke of the Somali people who have migrated to the US. This is not about the color of her skin, this is about the hatred in her heart and the audacity of an ingrate character, telling the American people and our way of life, that she a child nurtured in hatred could ever teach us anything. She fits in with the Whiners, Criers and Race Baiters of her party. Omar is a coward that uses her pigmentation and religion as a shield from criticism.

As a person with everlasting optimism, I hope the child named Omar finally grows up and considers just how lucky she really is ... and how the American People saved her life.

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