Friday, July 26, 2019

Slip Of The Serpent's Tongue

theodore miraldi

After numerous bites from a poisoned apple, democrats have reduced themselves to regurgitating false, and unproven accusations in an effort to continue their Political Coup of a President.

The audacity of their Law and Order Mantra is sickening in view of many of their positions on core issues defying our Constitution, and Unity within both the Public and Private Spheres.

What is most disturbing to me, is the Shameless Lying by Public Officials in order to gain Political Power. 

As the Public once again screams out, 'There Oughta Be A law! Or, TOBAL! Created by Harry Shorten and Al Fagaly in a popular comic strip syndicated from 1944 to 1988.

How could they have imagined their characters Cringely (Schiff), Carbuncle (Nadler), Locknutt (Schumer), and Bratinella (AOC) would be running the Democrat Party in 2019, and instead of minor absurdities, frustrations, hypocrisies, ironies and misfortunes of everyday life, it's the maladies of Progressive Politics destroying our everyday lives.

In 1968 a book written by Martin Mayer, and Published by Harper & Row, 'There Oughta Be A Law' explains what went wrong with America, and the Kabuki Theater we now are witnessing.

Here's an excerpt:

'America is riddled with lawyers and obsessed with law. We have more lawyers per capita than any other nation, and sooner or later we package every important issue of policy, from war to ghetto economics and highway improvement, as an issue of law. We use our courts as temples of political science as well as of justice; our lawyers staff not only courts but legislatures, agencies, boards of directors, school boards, and college presidencies.'

As I have said in many previously published commentaries, Lawyers are the New Nobles of American Society. King George III must be laughing...

Then came Mueller...

Comey's BFF was a carefully chosen patsy by the cabal solely for his credentials. Forget his diminished capacity, as one Laymaker described; while the dirty players were pushing the narrative, Mueller was in the kitchen trying to reset the clock on the Micro-wave.

Here's the rub...

After all that has been said and done to over-turn the will of American Voters. The Democrats are now reduced to saying that the Republicans knew Mueller was diminished and like vultures eviscerated a good and noble man.

Now the Democrats speak about Ethics and the Lack of Patriotism. 
What a Joke!

Maybe Robert Mueller should have listened to his friends of at the DOJ: Not to Testify.

The story has just begun!

The fruits of Truth will finally be revealed...

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