Monday, August 12, 2019

Democrats LOSE On Bended Knee

lady liberty kneeling

theodore miraldi

Sorry for the loose analogy.

The Democrats seriously think they will gain power by humiliating themselves by kneeling to every Crack-Pot Minority on the Planet. Can you imagine, Goliath running away from David after being called a Racist, Philistine Supremacist. Are these people serious?

I shutter to think of the numerous Butts the Democrats have laid their lips on for a vote...Ugh!

There you have it, sane people of America, bending over kissing Rings and Butts has become the staple of the left's political handbook. Lest not forget that Obama is their Poster Child. Apologies and Excuse replaced Facts and Merit for 8 straight years of "leadership." I find it amusing after such hypocrisy that anyone could believe a word the left utters. Now they add Shameless to Dumb, and called it the 'New Green Steal' as they plot just how they will screw unsuspecting Americans out of their cash once more.

My true concern is for those caught in this Catch 22. Americans that live below the poverty level, barely surviving on the crumbs Democrats offer. Draconian Rules and Regulations that create an underclass that will systemically depend on the Left.  The same Left that Destroys Cities and Individual Free Will. Lifting people OUT of Poverty should be the mission, not Housing them, Feeding them and purposely asking for their undying support.

The fallacy of Johnson's Great Society has introduced a new form of Slavery that now includes every Race, Color, and Creed to a Life of Dependency. We have seen the Future when we remember the

Anyone still a member of a movement that promotes Racial Hatred and Lost Hope need to take a hard look at their position within our Society. Face it, we all want the same things in life. One Party just talks about success, the other delivers.

The Bureaucrats of the Present are begging you repeat the Horrors of Tyranny and Subjugation. Never bend as so many before!

Their reward has been lost Lives, and Liberties for Empty Promises, Evil Behaviors and Failure.

Angry Mobs and Vitriol belong to the BULLY Left.

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