Monday, August 19, 2019

OpEd: Russia, Racism & Recession, Is That It?

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As the Left Begins to Disappear Into a Rabbit Hole, We All Must Wonder, What's Next?

Russia! Russia! Russia!

The Russian narrative was nothing but a cover-up by the Obama Administration, and extrapolated by Hillary Clinton and her Foundation. The Democrats have be playing both sides of Russia for decades. How could you forget the Russian Reset Button, or Obama's whisper to Russian President Medvedev. There was something foul happening with Uranium sales and Bill's enormous speakings fees.

When it became clear that Hillary would not be able to bury the truth by Executive Orders, Obama and his loyalists needed to act. Offense being the best Defense, they began leaking false information to the media, who for 8 years danced to Obama's rhetoric. They actually had canonized the first African/American President, not for his successes, but for the color of his skin. It was all about Optics, as we all have learned his policies made America weaker by every metric. He accomplished making every strata of the population more at risk than before. Those are the clear facts easily accessed by anyone who cares about the truth.

Putting Patriotic Americans in jeopardy of financial ruin and jail time is the Obama and Clinton methodology. Bullying the opposition is what the Left does where-ever they are in power. The Freedom to speak your mind gets weaponized, and used against you or worse, your family.

So it stands to reason that they would do anything, and everything to space themselves as far from any Russian Collusion as possible. After all THEY were in deep!

Now Russian Collusion has been debunked fully by numerous investigations resulting in no ties to Trump, or his campaign. Mueller's failure to indict for both Collusion and Obstruction fell flat on its false premise. This was a Political Coup Attempt!

Racism! Racism! Racism!

As the Left has defined continually...White People are All Racists...Period! Every imaginable problem is attributed to White Privilege, Misogyny, Homophobia, Xenophobia and the rest of their Alphabet Dysfunctions. What they fail to illuminate is that none of these new false narratives would have been created without widespread support of the White populations' belief in Inclusion. If White people hated everyone, how in hell are all of these people from around the globe in our nation. The entire argument is ludicrous and shows the level of virtiol being spewed by people nation-wide. Let me make this clear, this is not a wide swathe of the brush against any one group or ethnicity from someone with little knowledge of social understanding. I live on the Battlefield with friends and enemy.  Gender Identity has nothing to do with Sexual Preferences, or Group Identities. There are Only Men & Women!

Our founding principles were created by the inspiration of a Higher Power and Beliefs ingrained in European Cultures. The dysfunctional Cultures never write history, they are forced to rewrite it.

There is not as nation on this world that hasn't discriminated against its neighbors, and even countrymen and women. Prejudice is awake in every human being. There are numerous reasons for people not to get along, or like each other. Power and resources play the largest part. The Cultures that advanced beyond their borders of experience, and education always do best. Those that lag behind these efforts eventually become the victims. We see the actuality of this methodology in our own nation where clusters of individuals come from the same Culture. The systemic lack of basic assimilation into the norm eventually leaves them behind creating a sub-culture filled with social and economic dysfunction.

Recession! Recession! Recession!

And now to the latest Resistance Attack. The Economy. After limping along with barely 1% growth for nearly 8 years, the nation is again humming on all eight cylinders at 3% and more.  Job growth has hit every segment of the population. Wage increases are being felt by all, and average everyday Americans are seeing more in their paychecks and buying power. When the Stock Market is Rising, the Left says the Administration has nothing to do with it, when it decreases the world is ending and Trump's the reason. Face it, if the economy stays strong Trump will win re-election. All of the nonsense from the Left now emotionally unhinged will sway the Independents away from the Left.

Last Words.

Losers! Losers! Losers!

Two Americans went on TV today to compare Zionism to Apartheid. It astounds me that Representatives ILHAN OMAR, RASHIDA TLAIB would support a part of the Middle East that was never a country, and never had a government in the entire history of the region. The culture of it's inhabatants relegates women as property, and even in this modern age stones them for certain offenses. These two antagonists do more damage to warring neighbors. It's a disservice to Congress who has struggled for decades to bring peace to the region. This display of Public Disgust towards Israel will not be forgotten. This is a perfect example of Dysfunctional Beliefs and their results. 

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