Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Stoking FEAR Promotes KILLING

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theodore miraldi

The Democrats are Running on FEAR. The gaggle of Chicken Little Candidates offer little but Gloom and Doom, and the world ending in either 10-12 years from now because of Climate Change.

Well if that's the case, why do anything...

And that's just what the Democrats are proposing, doing nothing. They offer pie in the sky policy that never comes to fruition, like lifting the Poor Out of Poverty, or fixing the Failing Public Schools, Homelessness, Drug Addiction, Immigration and the rest of what's the Democrats call Good Intentions.

Tens of thousands of Young Americans are dying from Drug Overdoses and Suicide. Ask yourself, where's Congress?

Content to allow our Broken Immigration Laws that allow Foreigners to breach our Border, and even help educate them by telling them what to say before crossing. Democrats are at full throttle scaring American voters to vote for them. After all everyone else in our Nation are Racists. Not only do they want you to Hate Trump, they are actually telling you to Hate other American Citizens as well.

This Hyperbolic Fear is crippling the minds of our young. In doing so, eradicating the ability to make sound choices about their future. 

The dumbing down of America was in compliance to a Global take over of the U.S. The pervasive rhetoric about White Privilege, Toxic Masculinity and the subjugating of Young White Men is promoting the Killing Fields we are experiencing with more frequency. Like it or not, holding down young men of any race gives you the same results. Frequent killings, one at a time, or mass shootings are a cry for help. It doesn't matter where you live. What matters is how you grow into adulthood.

We live in a time when the young see no future. Many are Fatherless, Jobless and Godless. Add the suffocating abuse on Social Media, many young men and women question their very existence. 

It's no mystery why they turn to Dysfunctional Social Behaviors.

We are all to blame. Too busy trying to be the ultimate commodity in some narcissistic challenge to the bottom of human behaviors. Just view the News, the rich are the worst abusers of women and children in search of ultimate control. The weaker you make the public, the easier you control them.

The down-side is the frustrations associated with failure and hopelessness. Sitting in your room killing things on video games removes the filter of fear, and validates a false sense of power over reality. Real Life is not that predictable, using your thumbs to kill things on your TV is senseless and perverts the development of the self.

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