Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Making Of Democrats: Add KIDS, Stir To A Boil

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theodore M I R A L D I.

Make no mistake, the onslaught now Targeting Children is at its least Child Abuse and Bordering in Human Trafficking and Enslavement. Search your History Books, the Democrats have been guilty of these atrocities before. And not so long ago!

As any cogent adult would conclude, children can be made to do anything, and as shocking as that may sound, bone up on what is going on in your Grammar, and Secondary Schools. Just this week
a posse of children beat another child to death. The Left is sucking the Goodness out of our kids before they have a True Identity, replacing it with Cynicism and Hate. 

It's easy, and History has proven it so!

Instead of insuring that kids are well educated, and have a healthy outlook regarding their future, the Left sells them Doomsday Scenarios, Crippling Future Debt and Quazi-Alternative Lifestyles, which by the way fly in the face of a Natural Life. That's Science!


I was amazed while entangled within the March of Climate Babies in lower Manhattan the vitriol, and frothing at the mouths of children. This hurricane of Kids could barely be contained behind the Police Barricades. The were circling in both directions screaming idiotic phrases given to them by the Real Science Deniers. After all these kids are told they can change their gender by uttering it.

Don't be fooled by the smiling adults heaping praise on the kids for their awareness, they have ulterior motives, and it's all about THEIR Political Ideology.

While they stand in silence while the rights of Christians are being attacked by the Left at home and abroad, where are the Civil Rights Warriors as women walk our streets in Burkas for fear of violence from Religious Extremists. The Left is no longer picket lines for Civil Rights, Workers Rights, Free Speech or, even Human Rights. The ACLU, NAACP and host of empty acronyms are no more than the Cowardly Lions of the 21st Century. Brainwashed by Power. 

Take an honest look at the last 3 years...nothing but empty accusations, no evidence and multiple Official Investigations. The only bulwark to this onslaught is our Constitution, and the Laws Written and Codified by the very Congress trying to destroy an orderly society.

When all else failed the Intel Community plants a Mole within the White House who through an un-named source has the Democrats yelling for Impeachment!

The Democrats have learned from the Socialists and Communists of the Present and Past. Play the long game. Our Republic was purposely set up to be incremental for a purpose. We are witnessing the purpose of Tyrants and Sedition at work!

Photo: Village of the Damned (1960)

Saturday, September 21, 2019

OpEd: Democrats, Raising Fearful Kids

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theodore M I R A L D I.

Fear is all they know! The Democrats have learned that when you heighten anxiety levels of your constituents they will likely never leave you. Fear is the most powerful characteristic of Human Behavior. When people feel they will lose something of value, they do one of two things...

Fight or Flight.

Also known as Acute Stress Response. A physiological response to something terrifying that impacts your safety. When presented with actual relative stimuli the cunning have an easy time forcing supportive responses. 

As we have just just witnessed in corralling the minds of the young with Climate Marches. Just tell the children they may all perish shortly, or the powers that be do not care about their future. And there you have it! The Perfect Storm of anxiety filled children. I knew the feeling while having to get under my desk for fear of a Nuclear Holocaust. 

I was at the March in Lower Manhattan, kids were yelling and screaming slogans. I asked a few what they were protesting. Their response, Climate Change. Who would debate an adolescent? Certainly not I. Although, some made more sense than many of the adults at the rally. One adult was holding a sign saying 'UNFUCK THE PLANET' I noted, you shouldn't use language like that around the children. I received a bewildered look in response.

Not a nice thing to do to kids...

The Democrats are masters of fear. The even have the adults fearful of each other. Hate is the answer to their inadequacies and poor understanding of just how things actually work.

Bring back the days of Discovery that kids like myself enjoyed without the worries of  having two mommies, or two daddies living under the same roof, Free Drugs, Abortion and the clincher, that there is No God

So all of the moral underpinnings of good Social Behavior, Personal Behavior guided by some non-existent Divine Providence means absolutely nothing. Degrading Divine Intervention to the dustbin does have its consequences...

The streets of Chicago, Mogadishu, Baltimore, LA and Caracas are living proof of the devolution of Civilization by it inhabitants.

Any Sociologist knows the result of a Society absent of Core Principles and Codified Laws. Anarchy leading to open street warfare. Tell me that you are not seeing it already in Urban America. 

How much further down the road must we travel before affirmative actions will be necessary and not just another Band-Aid to soothe the Savage Beasts we have allowed the Left to create. 

History has shown us what Tyrants do. Using children to promote social change has been done by the Nazi's Brown Shirts and Mao's Little Generals. Hundreds of millions of innocent people have perished from the Propaganda of Hatred.

Using the young and innocent when your policies can't be debated by the adults is the Path of Cowards! 

The Adults in the room don't scare that easily.

Artist unknown.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

OpEd: Life Imitates Art. IRONY Of The LEFT

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theodore MIRALDI.

Oscar Wilde, who opined in his 1889 essay The Decay of Lying that, "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life". Which is it then, it's becoming harder to define. Life must imitate art because there is nothing true, other than our manifest emotion says Wilde.

Confusing as it may be, today's Elitists cast away the Tried and Truth, for Symbolism and Hyperbolic Emotion. Unfortunately for the followers of humanism over logic, someone or thing, like technology may be running, and ruining your life.

Many new studies on human behavior are proving that Tech is teaching your kids to be stupid. What about those who are on the margin already, adults trying to stay relevant and compete. 

Is that Progress?

We have been ordained to mimic our Creator's Mighty, Invisible Hand.

I'm a firm believer in Science and Faith as being one and the same. The Idea inextricably linked to our physical sensual boundaries. What the human race worships is a metaphysical understanding of subjective relationships.

Fact is, we are not either, modern, or progressive. but a work in progress trying to reach a point already in existence within a Universal Community. 

So in a world with Less Human Contact, Destruction of the Nuclear Family, and a licence to obfuscate positive social human behaviors throughout history, or  are we still painting the grand canvas?

We are no longer using our natural, individual access to think rationally, or making intelligent choices when we are being forced to heel to our New Overlords...The Elitists.

Only They Know Truth...

When Life Actually Begins In The Womb, How To Raise Your Children, and What Is Permissible To Say, or Think. These Symbolic Nonsensical Assumptions have been nurtured by Modern Day Con-Artists who believe only in the now. In their dysfunctional delusions, they accept the assumptions of dilettantes to mold, and guide their weakness to a false sense of importance. This narrative is promoted by the Media, Movies, Video Games, Social Media, Fiction, and Comic Book Heroes.

All Art is created by those who Dare to live Life. Without Life, Art would not exist...

Artwork:  MichaelAngelo,The Creation Of Adam

Sunday, September 1, 2019


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theodore miraldi

Unlike the famous Beatle song, the Fools on Capital Hill have little Wisdom. This applies to both sides of the aisle. Instead of putting their petty grievances aside, the House and Senate continue playing a game of chicken with the American Public.

Unfortunately life for the common man is not a game, but sometimes a matter of life and death.

And that brings me to what I need to say.

There have always been Evil forces in our World, Society and our Nature. It is a Fact of Life. Denying there are those who have bad intentions for personal gain is ludicrous and plain stupid.

Evil has as much force upon our intentions as truth. To act against Justice and Law has it's consequences. One willing to break these narratives must accept its judgments. Americans have for decades allowed those in our nation to stay without much resistance. It appears we have reached the limit of our patience, when Americans are being murdered by those here Illegally.

For years those here Illegally have had the opportunity to act responsibly and correct the behaviors which

have put them in the crosshairs of the Public and Law Enforcement.

Americans love the underdog, it's an undying characteristic of our National Consciousness. Americans do not like to be Fooled, Lied to, or taken Advantage of. There seems to be a serious breakdown of these narratives within our own government. It has never been OK to commit crimes against our Systems of Law on any government level. It is absolutely forbidden to Murder American Citizens without justice being applied. The Left uses this narrative for political rhetoric. The American Public demands justice for Real Crimes.

It would be evident to sane Legislators that people breaching our laws should be brought to justice, there in  lies the unwise Fools who occupy the Halls of Government. 

Imagine if during our past we just allowed everyone around the world to Illegally enter our nation. We would no longer be a nation.  For decades American Citizenship has been the Gold Ring, the Ultimate Prize for generations. Millions have sacrificed to keep this experiment in human governance alive, from our Revolution, Civil War, 2 World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and more. The Political and Economic Costs have been enormous, and yet we prevail as proud Americans. 

Why are the FOOLS On The Hill giving this away?

We are being governed by Adolescents, Drama Queens and Evil Charlatans always gaining power, and wealth on a Paycheck WE Sign. No more is Public Service a noble endeavor, but an economic boom for those who would fail in a competitive Private Sector. Our nation is being Raped by Interlopers, and members of our Government. 

We can continue to root for the underdog, but at some point the underdog must prove our efforts have not been in vain. So to all of the good people who wish to make a better life through hard work and assimilation, we stand behind you. To all of the FOOLS wasting the efforts of millions of serious minded people, maybe the Entertainment Industry is your calling, where you don't have to own the words you speak, or lack of deeds never accomplished.