Sunday, September 1, 2019


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theodore miraldi

Unlike the famous Beatle song, the Fools on Capital Hill have little Wisdom. This applies to both sides of the aisle. Instead of putting their petty grievances aside, the House and Senate continue playing a game of chicken with the American Public.

Unfortunately life for the common man is not a game, but sometimes a matter of life and death.

And that brings me to what I need to say.

There have always been Evil forces in our World, Society and our Nature. It is a Fact of Life. Denying there are those who have bad intentions for personal gain is ludicrous and plain stupid.

Evil has as much force upon our intentions as truth. To act against Justice and Law has it's consequences. One willing to break these narratives must accept its judgments. Americans have for decades allowed those in our nation to stay without much resistance. It appears we have reached the limit of our patience, when Americans are being murdered by those here Illegally.

For years those here Illegally have had the opportunity to act responsibly and correct the behaviors which

have put them in the crosshairs of the Public and Law Enforcement.

Americans love the underdog, it's an undying characteristic of our National Consciousness. Americans do not like to be Fooled, Lied to, or taken Advantage of. There seems to be a serious breakdown of these narratives within our own government. It has never been OK to commit crimes against our Systems of Law on any government level. It is absolutely forbidden to Murder American Citizens without justice being applied. The Left uses this narrative for political rhetoric. The American Public demands justice for Real Crimes.

It would be evident to sane Legislators that people breaching our laws should be brought to justice, there in  lies the unwise Fools who occupy the Halls of Government. 

Imagine if during our past we just allowed everyone around the world to Illegally enter our nation. We would no longer be a nation.  For decades American Citizenship has been the Gold Ring, the Ultimate Prize for generations. Millions have sacrificed to keep this experiment in human governance alive, from our Revolution, Civil War, 2 World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and more. The Political and Economic Costs have been enormous, and yet we prevail as proud Americans. 

Why are the FOOLS On The Hill giving this away?

We are being governed by Adolescents, Drama Queens and Evil Charlatans always gaining power, and wealth on a Paycheck WE Sign. No more is Public Service a noble endeavor, but an economic boom for those who would fail in a competitive Private Sector. Our nation is being Raped by Interlopers, and members of our Government. 

We can continue to root for the underdog, but at some point the underdog must prove our efforts have not been in vain. So to all of the good people who wish to make a better life through hard work and assimilation, we stand behind you. To all of the FOOLS wasting the efforts of millions of serious minded people, maybe the Entertainment Industry is your calling, where you don't have to own the words you speak, or lack of deeds never accomplished.

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