Saturday, November 30, 2019

Eroding Exceptionalism Is Becoming THEM

theodore  M I R A L D I.

It's about the people stupid! Demographics are the Great Social BullShit Buster. We see it over and over again. Culture and Belief Systems that demand Self Responsibility always lead to more Cohesive Societies. Not all Cultures function well, and not all of our new immigrants come from even Semi-Functional Cultures.

Not only do they come for Economic Opportunity, they are also fleeing from Generations of Violence and Corruption under the thumb of Dictators and Authoritarians. They merely exist with no opportunity for upward mobility. They bring with them the Rage and Anger, and don't take kindly to Foreign Institutions. It takes generations to overcome. Bear that in mind, never having the tools to succeed in a Third World Nation, much less a Highly Integrated, technological  Ist. World Nation. Not only is it unfair to those arriving, but it puts undo burden on Citizens and Legal Residents. 

The hundreds of Billions of Dollars needed to prop up these new immigrants hamper social advancement of the General Population. It leaves us with Fewer Resources. We are now seeing more violence in our schools and workplaces. We now have the largest population of Immigrants that don't speak English at home in U.S. history. Millions of people not able to communicate in their communities.

So before some of you start gagging on your PC hyperbole, let's make something perfectly clear;

U.S. Citizens aren't running to any of the places that our new, forced upon populations are coming from. This isn't being unkind, just truthful. And face a second fact; Past Migrations never amounted to over 20-30 million individuals hiding in the shadows under the radar. And if that isn't absurd enough, protesting against Federal Immigration and Criminal Law is Anti-American and should not be tolerated Anywhere in the nation.

This is not the stuff of Normal Immigration. Sorry folks, this is what every nation throughout history has done to other societies and nations they Invaded. 

The Slow Revolution...replaces natural born citizens with sometimes lesser adherents to our principles, while the Left Aborts our children. The eventual outcome proven throughout the World, unwanted change that retards the Social Progress the Left likes to herald. This is the continuation of the Obama Doctrine to bring America to its knees.

Forget about the ACLU, or Legal Aid to help us stem the flow and Protect Our Rights! They no longer work for the Rights of American Citizens. The fever of Socialism has infected the Left.

Slowly, But Surely We Become Them.

Artist unknown

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