Saturday, November 2, 2019


theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Democrat Party has been overcome with fear. No longer is it the Party of Grand Ideas, they have been
mired in appeasement from radical voices who demand attention - or else! Stuck in Identity Politics, Roe v. Wade and Health-Care for the World, at the expense of hard working Americans.

More fearful of Bad Press than the Electorate, their Yellow Brick Road to prosperity always ends in OZ, at the hands of some mystical Wizard. The results are always plain to see. More Poverty and Suffering by those most at risk.

As the cost of doing business is ever increasing, the Socialist Democrats scratch the heads like good little Swamp Creatures do, and demand more cash. What has, and will happen has spread across the nation already in Baltimore, Detroit. LA and numerous small communities and large cities. Somehow the idiots prevail as the rest of us become subject to their madness. We want what you have - or else!

Unusual times, sometimes call for unusual measures. As Edmund Burke and others have alluded to,
Evil only prevails when Good is silenced. While the perpetual complainers are howling at the moon, good men and women are strengthening those around them by performing good deeds, not promising and not delivering.

This sense of  righteousness has permeated government and surrounding Legal Institutions. They no
longer fight for the individual, they now fight for the cause. How unfortunate the cause is self centered, ethno-centric and only for those in agreement. E Pluribus Unum no longer the motto of America. What now matters is The Hive, The Tribe and Group Think. Welcome to the newest failure for those who just can't make the grade along side the achievers. Damaged by their own self doubts and always looking for validation from their mostly isolated members.

The most basic tenets of Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness are been dissected by bumbling naysayers who just don't like the Constitution, History and True Progressive Thought. They believe by removing the wheels from the train they will be able to jump aboard and not to be left behind ... again.  

Yet their very actions punctuate their personal and Tribal Clans as diminished. Slowing things down is not moving forward. Being contrary ingrates show a character mentally of biting the hand that feeds, and stopping others from attaining success by intimidation.

At a glance these New Progressives have progressed the least, and the social implications are beginning to mount. The fear of personal responsibility originates within their activism as the shadow of who they have become. The Fear of competition and their Delusion of Grandeur feed a modern day narcissism resulting in personal failure. Their concern is not the self, but the trinkets they have acquired at the expense of others. Their beliefs blow with the winds of discourse no matter how insignificant. 

It gives them a reason to be...

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