Monday, December 23, 2019

Democrats: From Lawmakers To LAWBREAKERS

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

The slow crawl of Socialism has once again reared its ugly promises at the weakest among us. This weakness has been fostered by the same Progressive Movements that have crippled other nations around the world. But guess what, this is self inflicted! 

We have pretended to like the very narrative that has brought us to this point. For generations the Left has been teaching our children to Hate what America stands for. Unlike the Perfect Communist and Socialist Systems, We are Evil.

We allow Evil people to penetrate our Institutions and weaken our will. In our efforts to be inclusive, we have excluded ourselves. Life depends on personal politics, digging in your heels always ends badly when your intent is to take something that isn't yours. Just try it on your neighbor and you'll soon be dialing 911.

What should by now be painfully evident to all, is that half of this nation actively hates the other. The distinctions are almost laughable if not so serious. The name callers, demanders and do nothings want your power. Not just some of it, but all of it. 

Let's never forget Liberalism can never be quenched, and will pull you under while it's drowning.

The forces of Evil again have coalesced as it did before McCarthyism was born. The so-called Intellectuals who only see once side of every issue, The Press who promote division of the classes, and Artists and Entertainers who now Twerk to the latest Jungle Beat of Hate.

Rise-Up, They Chant to Destroy their neighbors, so they can build a better world on empty promises. There is a problem with Tribalism and Group Think, it eviscerates itself.

The Democrat Party has Vanquished Itself in support of failed Paradigms and Policies.

We have faced down these Evils before across Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America!

The Democrats have been Exposed trying to Corrupt our Elections in 2016 and now 2020.

*Exposed: Using the Power of Impeachment without a CRIME

*Exposed: Against Educating our Children.
*Exposed: Not Honor Federal Immigration Laws.
*Exposed: Not wanting to secure our Elections.
*Exposed: Using our Institutions to sway a Presidential Election.
*Exposed: Preferring Abortion at Birth.
*Exposed: Giving Invaders resources and Not Citizens.
*Exposed: Being Socialists who Hate America!
*Exposed: Supporting known Sexual Abusers and being Silent.

Who The Hell Are These People?

This is the Tyranny we were warned against!

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