Tuesday, December 10, 2019


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theodore  M I R A L D I.

We are surrounded by secular beings whose only goal is to ingratiate themselves no matter the costs to the community.We can call them Wildlings, beasts of prey, mindless and some souless as well. 

They hold no accepted secular boundaries and adhere to no organized spiritual dogma. Self indulgent, impulsive and without rational foundations. These are the card carrying members of the 'Dog Eat Dog' Social Warriors Clan who dispel History as a figment of the insane. Insane meaning you and I.

What could be wrong with the complainers who spend more time in the past than thinking about the future. Children at play, as our values are diminished with every hateful word they utter.

And so goes the Petulant Impeachers. Might as well have written Articles for Blowing his Nose in Public, or Whistling a Happy Tune. These challenged Congressional Loafers come up with Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. Nearly 3 years of Pin the Tail on the Donkeys...What a bunch of Asses!

Not able to live in today and propose sound policy measures to cure cancer, feed and house the homeless and a myriad of other important issues we face today. No, somehow thinking that rewriting the past takes less time and effort to cancel whatever isn't suitable to their cause and delusions.

Apparently Hating Thy Neighbor is easier than Loving Oneself. Knowing yourself sometimes takes a life-time of mistakes and corrections. The problem with that is, the Woke People make no mistakes.

They see themselves as brilliant and progressive, but in reality the lack the Social Sophistication to boil an egg. This extreme brilliance tells them that disrespecting people, using triggers that make others appear to be evil, false accusations and the use of fowl language, empowers them.

Most normal people see this as nothing more than the adolescent mind venting itself. The use shock and awe instead of civilized behaviors and rational thinking to make the only point they can ... Hate.

Never in my lifetime have I seen more hate being transmitted by those who tell us that they want to make a better world. They just can't articulate what that better world will be. Some say it's Global Warming, others the banning of Fossil Fuels, and some even say wholesale Late Term Abortion.

Most will easily see the analogies to history. The Holocaust, Ruwanda Genocide, Mao's Cultural Revolution, The Russian Revolution. Just these few examples have extinguished hundreds of millions of innocent human beings for a mere idea. 

Some Ideas are dangerous, and those who resurrect Bad Ideas have Bad Intentions.

What's happening in our nation is the resurrection of Bad Ideas. Unrealistic and Dangerous.  We are experiencing Seditious Acts being coordinated within our own institutions. Some by Elected Officials, some by career Bureaucrats. Lying to the American Public about, Opinions mean Evidence, that Hearsay is Fact. 

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