Thursday, September 10, 2020

OpEd: Constitution Replaced By TERMS OF SERVICE

 Origin of the Borg , Immortality , Borg Babies , Collective vs Borg Queen -  Star Trek Theory - YouTube

theodore miraldi.

In our not so long illustrious existence the United States of America has been guided by the core values enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Carefully crafting the words that had until the Civil War tried to create the perfect union between its residents and government.

Our Founding Documents has served us well through War and National Tragedy. Its Citizens remained proud even though we were not perfect. Then something happened...

Artificial Intelligence and the Birth of the Lazy Citizen. Remember the uproar when calculators were given to children in school? The Birth of the Lazy Mind began. Cast aside were the historical reference one needs to analyze and deduce logical outcomes.

It has been proven through empirical evidence that math and logic are synonymous. The core of the organization within the working mind relies on the linear process. This process of linear thinking is the nexus of natural science. The added ability of abstraction can only operate as the inspiration and not the cure.

It's why in simpler terms Humanistic narratives within the government are subject to constant change without the science of logic.

Artificial Intelligence with all its wizardry, bells, and whistles can never replace the processes of human thought. Logic without inspiration develops a false dichotomy of mundane existence and robotic responses. One knows through experience, trial, and error which path results in a more human outcome. Human beings are not a series of 1's and 0's.

What we are experiencing in our lives at the moment is the force-feeding of Propaganda using techniques that only the Elites of Silicon Valley understand. In their repetitious banter of a Brave New World, they forget to explain the outcome related to the Individual's Rights.

In their minds, they are helping us understand the new morality that dictates our compliance whether we agree or not.

Their Terms of Service is more like a manifesto meant to illuminate your failures and forcefully correct them. This insidious methodology leaves no room for dissent. Disobey and you will be banned, ostracized, and therefore canceled.

Their micro-chip understanding of Individual Rights are seen as a nuisance and counter to your well being.

The Tech Giants control your world, and the words of our Founding Fathers.

 'Resistance is Futile' ...  Just Ask The Tech Giants!

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

OpEd: Democrats DESTROYING New York City

theodore miraldi.

As a proud grandson of Italian and Jewish Immigrants who braved the mighty Atlantic, how unfortunate the New York of today has little resemblance to their hope and dreams. They were probably card-carrying Democrats.

The Democrats who cared about the working class, helped establish Labor Unions, and yes Women's and Civil Rights. My family for the most part were Blue Collar, toiling the streets of the Garment District, Construction, and yes, even Law!

They were Penniless and Proud. This was the land that anyone from anywhere could be Free. and with hard work build a more successful life.

I want to say something plain and clear. When my life took a turn for the worse over 30 years ago, it was the Old Guard Democrats who helped me to my feet. What a difference 30 years has made in the city that I love. Make no mistake there are still wonderful people in my city who still care and do what is right, but where have all of these bad people come from?

My New York was filled with young people from all over the nation, trying to stake their claim to success. They were much too busy competing and imagining better ways and means to make their mark. The city sparkled with enthusiasm and smiling faces. You could feel the sense of pride the young bestowed upon themselves fueled only by their own merit.

That enthusiasm propelled the society to accomplish bigger and better things, the social justice we all clamor for wasn't being forced down anyone's throats with threats, or by bullying. But something changed!

As outlying communities became more populated with less-educated groups the city, and its masterminds started gerrymandering the Public Schools so that more children would fail in an attempt to make those who screamed of victimization feel relevant. 

Now, look what you've done!

If I had only realized that crying about my personal failures would have opened more doors. I had to work and work hard to climb from the abyss of human experience into the world I had once been part of. After years of re-educating myself, I have finally emerged from the depths of disappointment.

The difference was it was my own fault with no-one else to blame.

As a native New Yorker with a unique perspective on her worth, I try to help others who are struggling with life-changing narratives. The sense of pride and accomplishment is still here for all who wish to embrace it!

What has become of the good-hearted people who once called themselves Democrats? 

Their enthusiasm has turned to hatred of all who oppose a new narrative that requires no-one to do the work to improve themselves. After all, life has its struggles, but when we truly work together anything is possible.

So as many have said before me, 'The Democrat Party Left Me.' A great lose for all! What I have also realized through my latter life is that unless we enact cogent policy and demand responsible governance we have no real community cohesion. 

So who are these people, and why are they burning down my city?

Monday, August 31, 2020

OpEd: Democrats ASSAULT On Blacks

Ghetto America: Baltimore, Maryland

theodore miraldi.

If anyone reading this article is doing something that they enjoy ... STOP! You are not allowed. As we sat and watched the Democrats surgically remove pieces of your Liberties, it's no wonder we are in the throes of a Revolution. Let's face it, this is what the Democrats, now Socialists have been trying to do since the McCarthy Trials. For anyone who doesn't know McCarthy He is known for alleging that numerous communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers had infiltrated the United States Federal Government, Universities, Film Industry, and elsewhere.

Sound familiar?

Well, Apparently the Subversives Went to Jail! 

New Decade, NEW ASSAULT. 
How about the Jail part?

The Hollywood Ten in U.S. history, 10 motion-picture producers, directors, and screenwriters who appeared before the House Un-American Activities Committee in October 1947, refused to answer questions regarding their possible communist affiliations, and, after spending time in prison for contempt of Congress, were mostly blacklisted by the Hollywood studios. The 10 were Alvah Bessie, Herbert Biberman, Lester Cole, Edward DmytrykRing Lardner, Jr., John Howard Lawson, Albert Maltz, Samuel Ornitz, Adrian Scott, and Dalton Trumbo.

The group originally included the German writer Bertolt Brecht, but Brecht fled the country on the day following his inquest, and the remaining 10 were voted in contempt of Congress on November 24, 1947. Convicted in federal court the following year, they were given sentences of six months to one year in prison. (While in prison, Dmytryk broke with the rest and agreed to cooperate, admitting being a communist and giving the names of 26 others.)

With the exception of Dmytryk, the group was severely blacklisted by the film industry. Most were never again employed in Hollywood, but some did write scripts under pseudonyms. As “Robert Rich,” Trumbo won an Academy Award for best screenplay for The Brave One (1956). The blacklist disappeared by the early 1960s, and Trumbo and Lardner subsequently wrote screenplays under their own names. Source:

For those who don't know what a Communist or Socialist is, the one thing everyone should know is that both Murdered Hundreds of Millions of their Own People. If that's not enough, the New version of Evil has aborted nearly 60 Million Children in our country alone. Nice people these Socialists and Communists?

Fast Forward to Modern Times...

Anyone have any relatives still in Cuba, how about Venezuela? Let your new neighbors who have fled tyranny tell you about living with Communists and Socialists...
The Democrats' untouchable hero was Margaret Sanger who promoted Eugenics by eliminating Blacks and People of Color. A proud Democrat and Founder of Planned Parenthood. Until recently her name was displayed prominently on PP Headquarters. The majority of Abortions are committed in poor Urban Neighborhoods.  MostlyBlack Neighborhoods...

Throughout American History the Democrat Party has been subjugating human beings. First through Slavery in the South, Now Slavery to the Government in Urban America.

Since Johnson's Great Society the Democrats have lied to Blacks and treated them like Political Currency. It's why Blacks are still at the bottom of nearly every socio-economic scale.

What Democrats don't reveal to these communities is that before Lyndon Johnson about 30% of Blacks were Republicans. They finally fled the party when Goldwater and the Right scared them away in the early Sixties. Since Lyndon Johnson, the Democrats have literally owned the Black vote. And the Democrats quickly put them under their yoke once more.

How can a party that doesn't believe in God, Free Speech, the Constitution, and a host of other inalienable rights convince a community they believe in them? 

Simple, Democrats think that a majority of Blacks are stupid and can be easily fooled. Let's face it, this con game with human life has gone on far too long! Just imagine you don't agree, so you're not really Black.

The Black Community is finally looking in the mirror and not liking what they see. In my view stealing Life, Liberty, and a chance of Financial Success from the downtrodden is Evil, and the Democrats have been assaulting Blacks since the Antebellum South.

Picture of Baltimore, Maryland Ghetto

Sunday, August 23, 2020

OpEd: RANTING Bolsheviks, RACIST Allies

How Antifa and Black Lives Matter Compare to Satan

theodore miraldi.

As we sit by and watch the nation devolve into a Racist Civil War, I ask; Where are all of America's Patriots? Because unless by some act of mercy by our creator we may be looking at Armaggedon. Or could that be the plan?

After tens of thousands of years, we are appearing as dumb as the day we stood upright. In our confused and petty lives, we just can't offer the world the ultimate idea of a singular purpose. As we expand our minds with technology our purpose as nations, and communities fall prey to the simplest Evil of them all ... Hatred.

Something is happening on a Planetary scale. And the fools at the helm may think they are in control.

Sorry, little picture people the outright actualization of primitive responses is telling you something,  you need to shut up and listen. The world is shaking while some of you loot stores and hurt your next-door neighbors. We may be in the throws of something new and improved, or we may be the cause in our own destruction. This has all happened before, we just aren't sure how many times.

When I say, the future is the past we must continue to find the catalyst to the truth. Looking to our metaphysical self and not solely our own self-image, perhaps the knowledge we seek is right before our eyes. Relying on individual accumulations of social experiences passes with each new birth, every generation. Like it or not, GOD's purpose may not be yours...

Just take a moment to think all of you Blaming Bolsheviks and Ranting Racists, maybe your idea isn't and hasn't been the idea the world is looking for...

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Sunday, August 16, 2020

OpEd: POWER Masking The TRUTH About Covid-19

Biden, Harris call on governors to institute mask mandates

theodore miraldi.

The Truth...sometimes gets lost in the fervor of political rhetoric, and yes outright lies. But make no mistake on the surface Covid-19 is serious, only not as deadly as the Left would like you to believe.

Take away the death rate for the Elderly which skyrocketed because of failed local policies. As of August 16th, 2020 there have been approx. 168,696 
deaths in the United States. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which reports that 8 out of 10 of the people who have died of covid-19 in the United States so far were 65 and older. That's approx. 115 thousand of the total deaths as per Centers for Disease Control. The remaining 29,000 deaths are divided between all other age ranges. 

The remarkable statistic that Democrats would like to ignore are deaths among children. Children were 0%-0.5% of all COVID-19 deaths, and 24 states reported zero child deaths, In states reporting, 0%-0.2% of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in death. 


There has been fewer than 20 deaths from Covid-19 of school-age children in the United States. The rhetoric coming from The United Federation of Teachers regarding school re-openings have more to do with their health, not the health of the children. While most Government and Union Members are still collecting paychecks, it appears keeping schools closed is more about politics than health.

Stands to reason when most Polling places are in shut down schools. Yet they speak about voter suppression.

What's interesting here is that taxes from those ordered not to work any longer by the government would still be paying teachers their salaries even if schools are kept closed. A curious Conundrum for a rational mind.

Covid-19 has been the Life Saver for the Democrats.

It has allowed them to Propagandize something other than their blistering attacks on Trump's behaviors. If all had stayed as it were before the pandemic, Trump would have walked through the Democrats and the Election. And leave it to the bankrupt democrats to use a life-threatening disease as a political tool.

Now they have several more fronts to attack Trump. Nationwide Mail-In Voting and the US Postal Service. Just 3 months before a Federal Election, the Democrat Party is forcefully pushing mailing ballots to everyone requiring no signature verification or ID. It's incomprehensible!

As if Democrats have never cheated. And so I digress...

Why would any responsible lawmaker of either party propose such nonsense? Failures are evident across the nation with Mail-In Voting. Recent primary elections have been marred by poor and inconsistent collection and counting votes. Mind you, this happened with the small primary elections by democrats. Why is it only Democrats who refuse National Voter ID laws?

The Democrats are using Covid-19 as a nefarious partner to take power away from the electorate by allowing massive fraud in electioning the most powerful leader in the world. They are trying to nickel and dime their way to victory by promoting riots, looting and stealing an election, certainly not with policy, or candidates able to do the job. 

Just remember, Obama was touted as our Savior. How did that work out for America?

I suggest the Democrats worry more about passing a Stimulus Package that helps the American People feed their families and pay their bills, and not every misdirection their feeble minds come up with to beat Trump.

Biden and Harris are nothing more than a bad joke!

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Saturday, August 8, 2020

OpEd: CHINA Unleashed BIO-WAR (Covid-19) Against The WEST

After the pandemic: COVID-19 exposes threat of biological warfare ...


theodore miraldi.

As Democrats continue to praise Communist China and allow Anarchy on our streets, they continue to delay help for suffering Americans. Why do you think that is?

While they promote Amnesty for over 20 Million Illegal Aliens, Free School, Health Care, and Housing they block and delay money to taxpaying Americans.

One may think that a segment of our government is working with the Chinese Communists to topple our way of life...

And that makes lots of sense if you are fact-driven!

Communist China is having its worst economic downturn in over 70 years. The Trump Administration has implemented new policies that make America stronger and China weaker. These unbalanced agreements have turned Communist China from a bumbling nation to the world's second-largest economy and military power, and guess what, it has been on the backs of American Taxpayers and Consumers.

Just review the coincidences (facts) we already have.

Investigative reports have said China knew that Covid-19 was highly contagious and could be communicated between humans maybe a month before WHO announced the virus had erupted in China. During the early period, hundreds of thousands of Chinese left the mainland and traveled to Europe and the United States. Funny how the outbreaks showed up in the West before the rest of Asia or the Middle East. We now know for a fact that WHO lied to the rest of the world to cover up the outbreak and how serious it actually was.

In conjunction, China lied to the world about where the virus started. It in fact started at their Bio-Lab in Wunan and had already infected residents of that large city of about 13 million people. Why would China, The World Health Organization, and some in the American Government deny the truth?

They Hate Trump and Appear to Hate You as Well!

Like him or not, Trump's policies were assigning China and their American supporters to the dustbin of another failed Communist Regime. Make no mistake, both sides of the aisle have been selling the U.S. to our mortal enemies. China owns some of the most prestigious  American Companies and Real Estate on American soil. It was only a matter of time before China would have swallowed us economically and militarily. Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, the NBA, and Entertainment Industry now have more loyalty to the Chinese Communists than the United States.

Covid-19 was not a mistake in the lab, it was intentional. The U.S. was expanding while China had its worst year in the last 70 years.

Why? Donald Trump. He would have again put China in the rearview mirror for the next 100 years.

Why else would they have bought back all the PPE that they supplied the world? Allow citizens from Wunan to fly to the West. And threaten to stop supplying us with the medications needed to sustain the lives of many sick Americans.

And some still think they have good intentions. The Left has already swallowed the Kool-Aid and has been led to believe that China tells the truth as Americans LIE!!

Those of you who romanticize Communism and Socialism either have forgotten and were never taught the truth regarding China, Russia, Cuba or Venezuela, and Civil Liberties and Human Rights. 

Totalitarian nations have murdered hundreds of millions of their own citizens to save face for their failures. They are Communists and Socialists ... this is what they do!

China needed to act fast to slow down the engines of our success and preserve its position to accomplish what it has been stating for decades. They want the prestige that only power can give them. So as the world stumbles China challenges her neighbors with military force. Their position on Hong Kong should be all the proof needed, breaking the agreements signed a full 50 years in advance of a full takeover of Hong Kong. China sees the United States as weakened by the turmoil taking place within our government and on our streets. They have decided it's time to strike!

COVID-19 was only the first salvo...

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

OpEd: Democrats Put LIFE On DELAY

DOL Formally Moves to Delay Fiduciary Rule - Barron's

theodore miraldi.

Outrage from the mouths of those who care about the People and our Republic, the Democrats openly support putting your personal security on Delay by Defunding the Police. The Democrats want to Delay your children from returning to school against what science tells us to do. 

The Democrats want to Delay you from praying at your place of worship. Democrats want to Delay voting on the next stage of help from Congress if they can't fund their pet projects as well. The Democrats want to Delay sentencing for known criminals with No-Bail edicts. The Democrats want to Delay therapeutics and vaccines hitting the market before the election. 

The democrats want to Delay opening up the economy even where Covid-19 has little to no effect. The Democrats want to Delay real Progress unless taxpayers pay from cradle to grave to fund their Revolution against the American People.

To be honest, the democrats want to Delay the riots from stopping by calling them peaceful protests as they rage out of control. The Democrats want to Delay any help coming from the Federal Government to restore peace.  

And last but not least, the democrats have Delayed Black People from becoming Independent of the State. Black Lives is an inhouse business for the democrats for the past 6 decades with false promises and failed policies. 

The democrats want to Delay the Wall to help stop Illegals from entering our nation.

What's does this all mean?

The Democrats are no more progressive than a dead planet in space. As a matter of fact, they are repressive. Our Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution based on incrementalism so that sane minds could enact just laws. The Democrats even want to Delay the very essence of sanity. They have assumed a cultural dysfunction from their own constituents where up means down and good means bad. So confused by norms of the left, that they have acquiesced their solemn duty to do no harm.

Massive Mail-In Voting because they have shut the nation down is ludicrous. 

With nations already working to interfere why give opportunists and haters the opportunity to commit nationwide fraud? It appears only Democrats are promoting this widespread Fraud. After the 2016 hoax perpetrated by the very same party against the opposition.  In a nation that they themselves espouse as a democracy of one vote per citizen when all they do is expose every system and institution to failure or corruption.    

And although the Constitution does not illuminate what we must do in these unprecedented times regarding a Federal Election, extraordinary times sometimes require extraordinary measures although no Presidential Election has ever been postponed, not even during a war.

The tactics being used by the Democrats are just a continuation of the corruption we have seen from Obama and his henchmen.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Party of PETULANT Children

These 2 Nancy Pelosi photos perfectly describe the state of our ...

theodore miraldi.

Screaming children. stomping anyone who disagrees. Literally destroying peoples' lives with no shame or remorse. This is the Democrat Party of today. They will join with any group to gain ultimate power. 

Remember the KKK? They surely develop amnesia regarding their marriage with Racists and Haters.

This is not the first time Democrats have been on the wrong side of history!

The Democrat Party has long ago abandoned the middle class, the engine of our success. Why?
It became evident that an educated population could no longer be bought by the government. So, shipping out jobs and industry to 3-World Nations was a declaration of its independence from upholding not only the oath of office but the responsibility to its constituents.

Knowing that, they proceeded to nurture sub-groups for their support. Initializing policies outside the mainstream to reel in the new catch. These groups of self-inflicted victims rallied around the cry to destroy the norms and therefore the nation. These groups along with new arrivals have replaced the indigenous citizens who toiled for generations to Make America Great at odds with their Totalionistic

This is a change that has been decades in the making.

Senator Joseph McCarthy's intense anti-Communist suspicion in the United States that lasted roughly from the late 1940s to the mid to late 1950s identified the subversion going on in the nation at that time. The effort by Nations and Bad Actors in the United States have been tilling the soil ever since. 

It's become unfortunate that many young Americans have had their Culture and Heritage removed from their mindset by the Liberal teaching professionals, and outright Propaganda by Social Media and the Press. 

Why is it that there is never a cure for any of the problems facing the nation? This is a Marxist methodology starting with dumbing down the public. Thirty or so years later we have riots about anything and everything. These young people know nothing about their own nation. They have been fed propaganda by the Left about how bad their country is.

They have been reinforced on multiple levels throughout their lives. As young people do, they believe those in positions of authority that they have been weened to accept. They are taught about social justice from the Lefts' perspective, a no holds barred assault to promote dysfunctional behaviors. Free Drugs, Liberal Sexual Preferences and Civil Disobedience.

As a result, they disagree with most formal societal norms and pursue instant gratification across the board. To disagree with their mantra is to be an enemy. 

Leading the charge is a cadre of over the hill 60's radicals who apparently have never reached maturity.

Little do the young know, someone else is deciding their fate...

Sunday, July 12, 2020

BLM, The New KKK. Insidious Left Supporters

How Christians should ― and should not ― respond to Black Lives ...

theodore miraldi

The protests and riots consuming our nation have nothing to do with Racial Injustice. It has to do with Racism. Not the racism that we grew up with that started with Slave owning Democrats of the South. The Left once again has injected racism into our national consciousness. The New KKK is BLM who outwardly proclaims White People are Evil. Being Racist takes many faces to the same hatred we aspire to condemn. What we are unfortunately seeing today is a wide range of Progressive Groups that Hate White People ... Period. This is not new! Those with any perception of victimhood even Hate their own kind no matter how frivolous the charge.

Their outrage misguided by forces, not in their control. Taking exceptions to police misconduct whenever a person of color is horribly killed at the hands of the police. A tragedy, but uncommon.

The facts tell the real story; In 2019 Blacks killed by Police were a resounding 10. Mind you, there are 350 million citizens. Does 10 warrant burning down cities, destroying businesses, and tearing down statues? Absolutely not!

The Left-led by Pelosi, Sanders AOC's Mob, and now Sleepy Joe Biden is literally trying to destroy the nation. The Slavery of the South has been resurrected along with its ugly narrative. What was a noble movement by MLK and his supporters has been turned on its heels.

Know your History to know the Truth.

KKK Founded December 24, 1865

In Pulaski, Tennessee, a group of Confederate veterans convenes to form a secret society that they christen the “Ku Klux Klan.” The KKK rapidly grew from a secret social fraternity to a paramilitary force bent on reversing the federal government’s progressive Reconstruction Era-activities in the South, especially policies that elevated the rights of the local African American population.

The name of the Ku Klux Klan was derived from the Greek word kyklos, meaning “circle,” and the Scottish-Gaelic word “clan,” which was probably chosen for the sake of alliteration. Under a platform of philosophized white racial superiority, the group employed violence as a means of pushing back Reconstruction and its enfranchisement of African Americans. Former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest was the KKK’s first grand wizard; in 1869, he unsuccessfully tried to disband it after he grew critical of the Klan’s excessive violence.

Most prominent in counties where the races were relatively equal in number, the KKK engaged in terrorist raids against African Americans and white Republicans at night, employing intimidation, destruction of property, assault, and murder to achieve its aims and influence upcoming elections. In a few Southern states, Republicans organized militia units to break up the Klan. In 1871, the Ku Klux Act passed Congress, authorizing President Ulysses S. Grant to use military force to suppress the KKK. The Ku Klux Act resulted in nine South Carolina counties being placed under martial law and thousands of arrests. In 1882, the U.S. Supreme Court declared the Ku Klux Act unconstitutional, but by that time Reconstruction had ended and the KKK receded for the time being. Source:
During Reconstruction southern democrats were not allowed to run for public office, Black Americans flourished in the south until Reconstruction was rescinded by President Hayes elected in the Great Compromise to remove troops, and end Reconstruction in the South. Soon after returning to power, the Democrats initiated Segregation that lasted until the 1960s.
We are now living in a Segregated society again. And guess who is behind it! The Democrats...

For all of their bluster about equality, the Democrats continue to support Segregation. Slowly but surely the South has risen and Civil War may be on the horizon.

We now have segregated schools, communities, and even Segregated Members of Congress. E Pluribus Unum has gone the way of the DoDo and along with it National Unity. Many Americans are now choosing to remain in clustered communities rather than assimilating into sometimes more successful groups. Why? It's purely about Power and Resources. By banding together and voting for only members of their group, they have created their own Fiefdoms. As a result, the needs outside of the group have little meaning. 

The Left's divide and conquer is an old methodology of the past. Primitive, mechanical communities based solely on self-interest. These are people who care little about the future of their children and a unified culture and society.

We are talking 3rd World Ignorance in America. 

Trust me, there are millions of peace loving Americans who will join the fight for Real Social Justice for All!

BLM is more than just a slogan! 

It's about repression and overthrowing our government.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Socialism Is SLAVERY'S New Master

theodore miraldi

How much longer will Americans proud of their Heritage and Culture allow the party of  Jim Crow, Slavery, Segregation, Moral Decay, and Sedition to exist? Just listen to what comes out of their shameless mouths.

No longer satisfied to appear like the bastard children of social regression, they now have amassed an army of agitators in Sanctuary Cities across the nation. As they expose their true intentions fed by years of give-aways to unsuspecting citizens and immigrants, the new socialists are back at what they do best, creating a new form of slavery thru entitlement and victimhood.

What strikes me odd are the sheer numbers of young people who are buying into a possible life of contractual obligations of a suppressive government guided by a handful of social enablers and corporations. How else could a community that operates in dysfunction be leading a social justice narrative?

If it doesn't make sense, why the hell are we tolerating it in the first place? The Race hijinx is just a Ruse. If you can't control the educated, you just stop educating...

As Thomas Jefferson once said, 'A well-informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny.' Wonder why your kids are doing so poorly, just ask your Democrat Representatives. Where-ever they nest, socio-economic opportunities disappear, education falters, and communities become violent.

We are in the throws of a Cultural Revolution being fed by bad actors who propose that less personal responsibility means more dependence on the tribe. Only dysfunctional minds would propose that as logical, rational, or intellectual. Many in our society assume the more headlines you read the better informed you are, the literacy of a fool. Context, Reference, and History are the arbiters of sanity.

Emotive hysteria is for lesser minds filled with self-indulgence and narcissistic tendencies. A wild mob never creates lasting value. 

How unfortunate for those lost individuals, and by extension to the rest of us, find that their dim-witted obedience continues to allow their communities and lives to remain relatively stagnant. Those who accuse the past of present-day failures are indicting themselves with the guilt only they possess.

 The wholesale fallacy that someone down the street, or in another State, or Time has doomed any chance for personal success. 

We are All Americans, and through our hard work, and caring nature contribute to those who struggle to find their way. It's time to hold those who are stealing your opportunities to the task. Since Johnson's Great Society the party of Slavery is up to its old ways. 

Charity has no party affiliation, it comes from our adherence to our Creator's command.

The Democrats of today care more about a bigger party than a better life...especially for Blacks.

Modern-day slavery may appear different, not so when the master is the Socialist State?