Sunday, May 24, 2020

OpEd: Democrats PANDERING For Votes!

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theodore  M I R A L D I.

I've lived through decades of Social-Engineering Experiments for Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Gay Rights, Transgender Rights, and the lot. And although many positive changes have occurred, there has also been a host of negative outcomes that have impacted the majority of the population. People are beginning to hate each other...

First and Foremost, the Bill Of Rights and Constitution address these issues for the nation as an aggregate solution for all! We are all equal in the eyes of God. Only when God is displaced do these caveat rights to special groups have any meaning. I compliment the pure heart who truthfully suffers in silence for humanity's inequalities. I abhor those who use any means to promote some dysfunctional behavior by lessening the rights of others. Don't insult me with stupid! I have lived in minority communities for most of my life. Treat those who are respectful with respect. The antagonists are usually the least respectful. You reap what you sow...

Never in modern history has a nation lowered its standards to incorporate a greater evil. What we have witnessed is just that. Politicians have polluted every narrative from birth to caring for the elderly.

No longer are politicians responding to the public, they have now become our overlords. George III
would be proud of the new Elite Class spewing out their edits as if they were actually the law. We now are witnessing the new elites warring with the deplorable. The lines have been drawn by the pandering fools of the Democrat Party. 

Where to now? There must be a correction or our nation is doomed.

We live in a nation where narcissism has a stronger hold on the public than true compassion. Where are
the Liberals and Libertarians while the rights of the majority are being trampled by ugly character assassinations and threats by bad actors? 

What exactly is a Public Servant these days?

It appears anyone who can amass enough cash to serve some special interest and not you! They enter poor commoners and depart millionaires ... Guaranteed! 

In the last 3 decades we have witnessed the collapse of Moral and Institutional Integrity. All you need to do is follow the bouncing narrative promoted by the Democrats. To win at all costs, even the loss of human life. It sounds a lot like some of their Communist collaborators. When did it become alright to pad your pockets with Communist cash? Send your jobs and industry that add to your personal wealth and influence.

The Democrats keep showing us their true nature and we stand idly by as they purposely turn us into a Third World Nation.

Maybe it's about time to do something about it. Put high ranking politicians in jail. Prosecute lawbreakers evenly throughout society. No more special cut-outs without unyielding loyalty to our nation.

The Sedition Must Stop! 

Monday, May 18, 2020

Chinese Communists Use BIO-WARFARE To Destroy West's Economy

Communism failed. What about the ideal of global humanity? | Aeon ...

theodore  M I R A L D I.

There are some that may think this concept to be ill-conceived, yet how will history judge America's use of an Atomic Weapon on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? We live in a world where men and nations are given the power to eliminate their enemies with the use of technology in War and in Peace. Unfortunately, this creative/destruction paradigm is measured in the loss of life, and must always be seen as its most egregious outcome.

In my opinion, Covid-19 was a deliberate act against the West. Being driven into a financial disaster by changing economic policies, China saw the writing on the wall. Losing the power of the dollar has crippled their ability to complete what they have been boldly stating for decades ... surpassing the United State in Military, Economic, and Political Power around the world.

For reasons beyond logic, we have alloyed a Communist Nation bent of destroying our way of life and replacing it with a Utopian Nightmare. And don't blame China! We no longer resemble the nation that has fought for Liberty and Individual Rights. We now worship gilded Idols, not unlike the Israelites did at Mt. Sinai. This offense in the face of God lasted for 40 years of hardship. How long will humankind suffer?

The Chinese have gotten smarter as we dumb down our children and crush their future with Debt, Drugs, and Fear.

In Truth, the antagonists always get flushed out and suffer the consequences of the Evil they promote. It's as if free people are embedded with a notion of fairness and openness that ultimately through hardship prevails. This should make one wonder why some want to control the knowledge. It's what Communists and Socialists have done now for well over 100 years since Marx and Engles penned the Communist Manifest in 1848. 

It's perplexing as to why this failed paradigm continues to exist. The cost has been in the hundreds of millions and its radical sense of false liberty has doomed hundreds of millions of unborn children as well. In its 172 years, its evils have spanned the world leaving only death and hardship. 

If there is anyone left that may think China's form of Communism is new and improved, think again and count the friends, neighbors, and loved ones lost to another Virus created and spread by Communist China. 

China can afford to lose hundreds of millions of its people and still stage a million-man army. This is their luxury, not so for the West. 

There is a logic in these assumptions as history proved in WW2. No-one believed Japan would be so bold and bomb Pearl Harbor. In contrast, we would still be seeing the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center but for our foolish beliefs that all men and nations are righteous.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

China's EVIL At Its Core. LAWMAKERS Must Pay For Their TREACHERY

China's Challenge to Democracy - WSJ

theodore M I R A L D I.

Communist China is doing what all good comrades must do, disseminate propaganda in the face of Evil. This is the only way it can survive in the face of free democratic nations. If that were not enough, there are elements of our own government weened on Socialist narratives that have bought into lying to get what they want. Those who continually champion the causes of perceived victims are usually the victims of their poor personal skills themselves, and in the end, are actually promoting themselves. They care little for the commoner or the unborn. Both are just pawns to elevate their Lust for Power and Idolization. As Andy Warhol's 1968 prophecy proclaimed, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes!"

Well My Socialist Sympathisers, Your 15 Minutes Are Up!

In what alternate universe would American Lawmakers of any stripe side with a communist nation over ours? Believe the false analysis of a regime that proudly touts Mao's 1958, Great Leap Forward that aimed to rapidly transform China's economy from agrarian to industrial, which led to the deadliest famine in history and the deaths of 20–46 million people between 1958 and 1962. and still to this day a nation that has assigned millions of Muslims to re-education camps. China is one of the worst Human Rights Abusers in the world, yet the party of Pelosi and the misguided Left praises propaganda with no real verifiable facts. 

It's time for the Lost Children of the Democrat Party to come to maturity. China and its leaders have proved throughout history that Life is of little value. It is hard to digest an Evil American Public that has extinguished nearly 60 million unborn children. Why is it not as Evil as Mao's Purge?

The similarities between the Behaviors of our Enemies and the party of FDR and JFK now seem to be in agreement. There is a silent Sedition in our body politic that damns America for the ills of the world and the individual. How ironic, that we side with nations that flood our shores with the drugs that kill our children and put the future of our nation in peril. If one needs to debate between Freedom and Totalitarianism we are truly on the brink of a serious adjustment in our world political order.

We must always remember these three great loyalties: God, Family, and Country to keep America Free. We will overcome Covid-19, but will we conquer the Evil around us?

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Congress REFUSES To Work, Refuses COVID-19 TESTING

 Speaker Nancy Pelosi used a scarf as a face mask as she arrived at the US Capitol

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Who are these people in Congress? Fashioned after the House of COMMONS they, in essence, are supposed to have the General Publics' interest. While demanding the Public obey their elitist edits they have decided to stay at home in light of the greatest threat this nation has seen since 9/11.

Somehow it feels like we are being governed by cowards without the obligations entrusted by their Oaths to the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. It should now be evident that they do not represent the Common Citizen but themselves and only their choice of Special Interests. One of which includes the Chinese Communist Party.

How dare they demand we comply with their shutting down our nation, sheltering in place, wearing protective masks, and yes BEING TESTED!

They live in a protective bubble as it is, isolated from the tragedies of thousands of lost lives, and no jobs. Here are a group of people that are getting paid by the very taxpayers who have lost their jobs, because of their cowardly fears. Their arrogance is their Badge of Courage living a life of Pomp and Circumstance, while their constituents wait on lines to feed their children. Mind you, this is all at the behest of some quazi-science models that pertain to populations outside of ours. 

Science is now in and Congress knows it, yet they refuse to return to work! Well over 95% of all infected with COVID-19 survive. So why the panic? Although I do not support an outright rebellion, arresting Americans who are not breaking any codified laws seems to be the policies of Communist China and not the United States.

The Lust for Power has polluted our political system. Welcome to the Third World!

It's about Power, the Left wants you to adhere and be subjugated to their will. Your children, yourself and your elderly parents and relatives really don't matter. Nearly half of this nation hates the other half over Ideological reasons that have little to do with our everyday lives. Those guiding the narrative do so for themselves alone. You are no more than a TV Rating and a Vote. 

There is an Evil among us that double speaks fluently to convince the Weak of Their Truths. Their lofty intent caresses your soul as they drive you into the ground. It saddens me that some choose to betray their souls for a few pieces of silver.

It has become the career of the left to rob you of your dignity and self-respect, while they line the pockets with our nation's treasure.

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

COVID-19 Doesn't PROFILE In NYC By Illuminating FACTS

Customers in masks line up outside a grocery store in Brooklyn, NY, waiting to enter after other shoppers have left, because of social distancing efforts during the coronavirus outbreak.

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Considering most of the COVID-19 Deaths have occurred in Minority Communities let's consider a few facts. Most of the new immigration that has come into the U.S. over the last 40 years have come from nations with poor health systems. Mexico, Central & South America, China, and a few others. Many have not been inoculated for some of the oldest types of illnesses, TB, Chicken Pox, Rubella, Diphtheria, Yellow Fever and Polio. These diseases have made a comeback in our nation through unchecked immigration. Although Immigration has its rewards, it must be tightly coordinated with the welfare of American Citizens. Too many carriers in our most populated areas.

This should not be in dispute. This is Common Knowledge!

They do not have the vibrant immune system U.S. Citizens have developed. Secondly, this applies to their elderly relatives who may now be living here as well. Over 34% of deaths in NYC are Hispanics who comprise 29% of the population. Clustering populations normally present additional danger in Dense Urban Communities. It has been my experience to witness 5-6, or 7 people living in One Bedroom Apartments.  It presents an enormous Hygiene problem for them as well as their neighbors.

This contributes greatly to passing any illness from one family member to another. COVID-19 is highly infectious, hence the inordinate rate of deaths in these communities have a logical origin.

Personal Hygiene plays an enormous role with highly infectious diseases. Walk down any street in the Bronx you will see nothing but littered sidewalks and food thrown everywhere. I have personally seen people throw nearly entire containers of take-out onto the sidewalks like they are living in some primitive society with dirt roads. All one has to do is be honest and face some facts. No matter where in the world one lives communities like this always suffer the most loss. Acting as though no-one understands makes us all look like we are asleep at the wheel. If we truly want to help our old and newer residents, honesty would be a good place to start.

African/Americans have the second-largest mortality rate of 28%. They comprise 22% of NYC. The African /American community suffers from different variables. (Source;

As of April 17th. there have been 1,999 deaths known to be of COVID-19 among black or African American people in the five boroughs, according to the data. (Source; ABC News)

Unfortunately those in the Black Community suffer from many of the comorbid illnesses that complicate an already deadly virus. Obesity and Diabetes contributing to Heart Failure and Poor Lung Functions. Poor health because of dietary problems and poor choices of nutritious foods puts un-necessary strain not only to the heart, but the respiratory system where COVID-19 does its deadly damage.

How unfortunate that the new social norms embrace Obesity as being beautiful. Just take a look at the role models strutting their stuff sends a bad message. Being overweight has never been the optimum body shape for anyone. The rest of us should be compelled to help change our fellow Americans so they may lead a healthier and longer life.

Appeasing bad behavior is what has gotten us into this mess. Taking responsibility for you own health shouldn’t always be someone else’s burden. Politicians must stop dividing us into pieces of their electoral pie. We know the facts, let's fix the problems.

Statistics may have changed slightly.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Democrat HYPERBOLIC Rhetoric To SCARE Public Into SUBMISSION

You really can be scared to death—here's how | Popular Science

theodore  MI R A L D I.

All The Little Tyrants around the nation are feeding you nothing more than Fear regarding COVID-19 and your civil liberties. If it weren't bad enough comparing this virus to the Spanish Flu, which Killed 50 Million people. They add insult to injury warning Americans that they will be punished if they disobey their assessment and edicts. On top of that, you may get it again!

No doubt this Pandemic is serious, certainly not serious enough to shut down the Entire Nation!

In 2019 these were the annual killers of Americans per year;

Cancer: 606,880
Obesity: 300,000
Alcohol: 88,000
Drug Overdose: 67,513
Suicides: 48,344
Car Accidents: 38,800
Seasonal Flu: 40,905

As of April 19, 2020, 39,068 Deaths in the U.S.

The Democrats aren't concerned about Shutting Down the nation over any of the above yearly deaths. Yearly meaning every single year! Some they actually have control of like Drug Overdoses, Obesity and Alcohol Deaths. These 3 alone accounts for 455,513 Deaths per year. Not a peep from the crickets.

Let's be clear, the data doesn't support any of their claims, and who knows next year the Common Cold be a threat needing swift government closure of your place of Worship or Workplace.

It's time we connect the dots. We are being manipulated in many areas of the country for one thing alone, to destroy Donald Trump. And as we are learning, there may be numerous players involved in maintaining fear to achieve that goal. Before Donald Trump became a candidate, many Democrat Leaders were conspiring to Impeach him. Even before he won the Election nefarious forces within American Institutions were attempting a Political Coup. Enter China. COVID-19 may be too convenient to swallow for most. 

I say, no more Hysteria! Let's do what Americans always do, make up their own minds regarding their health and employment. If Democrats had their way, we would all be on the dole from birth to death. A much easier population to control. Just ask their friends the Chinese.

Many fail to accept that we live in a Violent World. Unfortunately, this is the norm on this planet. It's the Dark Side of Life. Many other nations, cultures and bad actors want what you have worked for. Making believe we in in some Utopian Dimension of Time when killing human beings Before Birth is now a personal convenience.

Wake Up America, while the Congress is getting a paid vacation until early May 2020, Americans are Dying.

Does that seem right to you?   

Sunday, April 12, 2020

NIHILIST Guide To Destruction: Lies, Deception & Death


theodore  M I R A L D I.

What we have here is a Failure at Honesty. Covering mistakes using Lies, Deception, and Death.

It's bad enough that this tactic is used by our geographical adversaries. China, Russia, NKorea, and Iran seem to be in bed with our very own Democrat Party. At a glance, the fair assumption would be that these Evil Doers are of the same ilk. When has the backing of the Third-World become more important than the safety of the citizens you represent?

Let's bury our heads in the sand and say that China may not be responsible for developing a Virus to topple the World Economy. After all, Europe and many other Western nations have been at least holding their own. China has been in a Free-Fall Economy  being outpaced in dramatic and sustainable ways by new U.S. policy. 

Does anyone think that China, the worst Currency Manipulator, and Intellectual Property Thieves are above this kind of Evil? Ask yourself how many millions of their own citizenry have they put to death since their Revolution. For Centuries China has treated Human Life with disregard, Has anything really changed?

Doesn't lying to the International Community about the Time and Origin of this deadly virus mean anything? They were able to control its spread to other Chinese cities as it ravaged the entire globe ... doesn't it least arouse your curiosity? 

Have we come to a point in time that the rejection of all religious moral principles, and the belief that life is meaningless arrived? 

Welcome to the NWO.

What we have watched for the last 4 decades is astonishing. U.S. Taxpayers have been funding lethal enemies who even chant 'Death To America' while Representatives in Congress cut checks for Billions of dollars while letting American Life and Infrastructure crumble. 

What Legislator faithful to the Constitution and their Oath of Office would support policy that damages the nation and gives comfort to the enemy? A Socialist, a Communist and those who proudly swear 'I Hate America' in Public, Privately and in the Media.

So it's not a wild accusation to connect the dots to say the Nihilists, Humanists, and the Dumb are occupying important roles in American Government. The motto of 'All The People' has been replaced with 'Some of The People' and too bad if that angers you diminished citizen. 

The ethnocentricity is in your face. Fairness has been supplanted by the Bullies who issue Verbal and Physical warnings if you disagree. These are the children of the Great Social Experiment that is bringing the nation to its knees. It was the plan all along to allow the limited to rule the limitless and upend the norms of society giving those not worthy the opportunity to rule.

We have watched the crawl of ignorance infect our children through rampant drug abuse and civil dysfunction supported by the purposeful lack of education. They are now the excuse-makers easily led over the cliff by those who believe in nothing. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

The RECKONING! Democrats Dance with Death

Now, the Red Dragon (China) steps in into education sector after ...

theodore  M I R A L DI.

As I have previously stated, the collapse of Western Culture and Economic Supremacy has been the Bane of the less fortunate. Mind you, that is not the fault of nations and peoples who have worked Independently for the Common Good.  The Less Socialized, Less Industrialized and Less Uneducated have suffered
these same results throughout history.

Who's Fault Is It?

There are those who blame the Success of Others, Social Inequality, Geographical Positioning, Government and a slew of Asinine Excuses. I see it quite differently. The lack of Social Evolution in an ever changing world! ADAPTATION! One of Humankind's special attributes has been stymied by Social/Political Greed and Power. Mind you, I'm not referring to successful nations and Cultures, but those easily held behind by Tyrants and other Authoritarian Monsters. The Friends of the Left!

Just be Sensible and Honest and these places are easily recognizable!

CHINA! NKOREA! IRAN! VENEZUELA! CUBA! And these are but a few...

My question, WHY has it been so attractive for the American Left to embrace nations and philosophies that stymie the spirit of freedom? WHY is a substantial part of our nation in Bed with the Devil?

The answer is simple. What can you expect from a dumbed down population of Narcissists and their leaders. They have no answers!!! Only Criticism for those who do. No problem solving abilities, logic, or positive outcomes! Destroy what is, repace it with nothing is their mantra.

So we come full circle to the misfits in the Democrat Party. Money, Fame and Power. They are no longer Public Servants. They wish to be Idolized like the Messiah Obama for promises never meant to be delivered. It's their fix, like junkies on the streets of our Cities telling us what we must believe in. And guess what, their audience are the sheep, not the doers. The Participation Trophy Holders. What they learn about the nation and its people are from Evil Doers who Dance with the Devil. Who side with Communists nations even though they know of their atrocities.

Their will be a Reckoning! The Blame for the lost lives and futures will fall on them! America is Watching...and in the end we will hear, the Devil Made Me Do It!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Appeasing LEFT Created CHAOS & COVID-19

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theodore M I R A L D I.

NWO and its queasy adherents are turning the World Upside-Down! 

Who in their right mind would allow the Communist Nation of China to dictate U.S. Financial and Foreign Policy? If that were not bad enough, Communist China controls the ingredients necessary for the vast majority of America's Life Saving Drugs. A nation with literally No Human Rights and most likely murderer of hundreds of millions of its own citizens somehow is the Tip of The Spear around the World.


The Cities and States that boast Socialist Policies are tripping over the lack of response and preparedness as Americans line their sidewalks crippled by ineffective leaders. This factless basis
of positive achievement by an ever-changing band of citizen and non-citizen voices have duped the public for personal gain. Follow the Money!

Through at least the last 3 Administrations until 2016 the Chinese have been 'Eating Our Lunch' ...  as Joe Biden proudly stated. My question for Mr. Biden and his do-nothing Democrats, What in the hell have you done to minimize this? Maybe someone should explain to the nation where the 10Billion dollar increase in National Debt went under the reign, Obama & Biden. American citizens have rebuilt the most egregious Totalitarian Government in History.

What's insane, is that they knew it all along. Bureaucrats and their hunger lust for relevance are continuing to sell America to the Chinese. Why? To Bail-Out, a faltering economic system being guided by Big Government and Socialist minded Democrats whose intent is to take down the arrogance of a Successful Republic, to Humiliate a Successful Culture. To level the playing as Obama stated.

Any fair-minded person has long realized that adding more Bureaucrats in Public Service reduces the chance of success. That's exactly what Obama/Biden did for 8 Putrid years of failure.

A Crisis not seen since the American Civil War!

The Left has successfully Propangandized the Media, Public and Private Education, and our Institutions!

Seditious Behaviors against the government have been in a steady incline since Obama/Biden. Normal Crime & Punishment has gone by the wayside replaced by the appeasement of LawBreakers while holding upstanding Americans to the fire for some inane experiment to warp the Public will.

The Left's Billionaire Population is Destroying the Nation. 

Google, Facebook, Amazon have Capitulated to China's demands for profit at the expense of American Consumers and Taxpayers.

Why are there No ANTI-TRUST Suits?

Why has no-one paid the price for a coordinated Attempted Coup of a Sitting President?

The Left has nearly perfected allowing its supporters to cripple America's Independence funded by the likes of George Soros and his extreme NWO charlatans. How's that working for Europe and it's new Socialist satellites?

The U.S. has finally started paying attention to the Raw Deal, the New Deal and the Democrats have thrust upon our young. No Education, Crippling Debt and sustained efforts to Destabilize American Society and Culture. 

So as we sit at home unsure of how this Pandemic will effect our very lives, look no further than the Laps of the Left, who in their collective consciousness have decided your Life is Meaningless!

Thanks for Nothing!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

OpEd: Dems EVIL Behaviors NOT Normal!

Image result for the ten commandments

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Rooting For EVIL?

The Behaviors of the New Democrat Party have strayed so far from mainstream, that many of my neighbors are un-recognizable. The breakdown in social order has had many Americans ready to take matters into their own hands. The Left in its effort to destabilize the nation to gain power is shredding not only Local and State Law, but the Constitution as well. In their eyes, our nation is no longer legitimate. Our growing pains as a nation don't meet their perfectionist mantra.

Funny how the loudest voices come from those who fuel victimization for their own needs. Not the needs of the communities they hardly represent. Not satisfied to climb the ladder of success, their mission is to punish anyone not agreeing to their desperation and Cult-like behaviors. Grown men and women screaming nonsensical arguments with hate in their eyes. What has become of us?

It's about Demographics and the Power of Propaganda. The unfortunate outcome is purposely fortunate to its purveyors who set the bar lower than the norms established by decades of Human and Civil Experience.

The New Left has been chipping away at sanity, replacing logic with sanctimonious emotive cries of victimhood. Opening our Systems and Institutions to the constant attack on our Core Principles and Beliefs. This paradigm has become the Policy of the Left. Not cogent enough to fix what may need fixing, but to destroy what exists, replacing it with childish ideology and Everything is Free.

The Delusional Moral Turpitude of what's best for them as a group of victims, supersedes community standards in such egregious manners, that society as a whole is repelled.

Imagine Christians of any stripe supporting late-term abortion or marriage between same-sex partners. Or righteous indignation from those breaking long-standing warnings about bad choices in personal behaviors. Setting a new axiom only requires acceptance by its adherents, even if they are in the minority and do harm. Not to mention a Presidential Candidate that just supported a 9-year-old boy to come out as Gay! I'm no prude, but I question the sanity of a section of our population that supports ruining children's' lives. No doubt the same population that supports Late-Term Abortion and Drag Queens reading to Grammer School children.  

The Super Simians are rattling the cage while flinging feces at the rest of us. There are basic rules of Civilized Behaviors codified throughout Human History warning of the destruction of the social integration human beings must adhere to.  Not to do so allows personal responsibility to regress into some primal reflection of our primitive selves. 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

OpEd: What Came First, The Chicken Or The HATE

Image result for the sky is falling

theodore  M I R A L D I.

The Age-Old Adage regarding One Chicken and One Egg is now being re-purposed. Now the Chicken is what's left of the Democrat Party, and the Egg (In Their Faces) is a never-ending Policy of HATE. Kill It, Jail It, or just call it the worst thing imaginable ... RACIST!

I'm for the Chicken came first.

In my mind the Chicken represents cowardice, and if it actually came first, you can bet it was living in a state animus, not fully knowing its purpose. After a night in the Chicken Coop, its nest filled with eggs confusion reigned. 

So rather than embracing their eggs, they packaged them and sold them to strangers. On rare occasion  the tiny eggs met an unfortunate end. Mommy Hen never getting to know their own offspring.  Sad stuff even for chickens...And so we have come full circle.

 Unfortunately, I live in a city that never sleeps, or stops hating. We have become a Chicken Coop of strangers. Just knock on your neighbors' door and stand there waiting for a response that never comes. 

Now don't get me wrong, believe it or not, there are still a smattering of nice responsive people. But don't hold your breath, your neighbor might be living in the shadows with the blessing of the Democrats, while Big Brother/Sister (Whatever Your Gender ID) demands apply their boot to your neck wanting your hard-earned cash to remedy their mistakes. 

How dare you refuse to assume their inequality, it's your duty they say, in a never-ending demand you pay up, or else! Extortion, Bullying, and Corruption have now become personal narratives instead of behavioral dysfunctions.

And the confusion goes on...

So, if you live Cooped-Up, with only a few eggs in your basket, there's probably a  Hateful Chicken next door.

Friday, February 7, 2020

MITT: Give Unto Caesar, What are Caesar's ...

theodore  M I R A L D I.

I find it repulsive that there are those who live within my sphere that renders judgment on my relationship with my creator. One must always be aware of their shortfalls and continually attempt to be a better creation. Although I respect those with contrary conclusions, intentions do matter. And in the Body Politic bad intentions sometimes tell the truth about the author.

One's Character is televised in moments of tribulation.

Those with acute religiosity may not make the best leaders. History has proven the fallen and resurrected are more capable of a greater understanding of balanced leadership. We have been facing Theological Tyrants who praise God and Murder the Innocent. Burning down bridges, although sometimes necessary, should be the exception to the rule. Anyone who praises God and breaks some Fundamental Truths should not be Preaching their exceptional behaviors. They suffer from the loss of humility.

And there's where Mitt Romney resides, in a loss of Humility. His feeling for President Trump has been many and hyperbolic in nature. Although Mitt liked Trump's money, he didn't like his lifestyle.

What's troubling is that Mitt used God to do something he himself couldn't understand. Blaming God for your imperfection is a most egregious transgression.

Mitt Romney is a swamp creature that sometimes outs himself. Being self-righteous to do wrong in counter-intuitive to Logic and therefor our Creator. 

Maybe Mitt Romney's North American Jesus never heard of Caesar...

Collage by Chrissie Abbott

Friday, January 31, 2020


Vincenzo Camuccini's depiction of the death of Julius Caesar.

M I R A L D I.

Those that liken the Senate Trial of a Sitting President to any other Trial in Civil or Criminal Court is living in a Delusion. This was an attempted Political Coup and not a Trial or Impeachment. The audacity of the Partisan Hatred and Kabuki Theater was nothing less than an attempted Political Assassination on the President.

Death by a thousand cuts

The Democrats in all of their Delusions perceive Lies to be Truths and Accusations to be Fact. The flawed House Probe was more about the 2020 Election than having Trump Impeached. They have no-one to blame but themselves! Democrats so used to mediocrity actually believe they did a thorough job. The same type of job done in every City they control across the nation.

No Special Prosecutor, No Grand Jury and No Representation from the Accused in the House. And yet they call the Senate Trial a Sham. It is a shame that my country has turned into this. The same so-called Statesmen/Women acting like a pack of adolescent wolves. The Democrats have been creating and coordinating these late Breaking Bombshells that Fizzle into Oblivion never revealing facts, or crimes committed. Yet they repeat the Lie into infinity.

In the United States of America it is an abomination on every level of JurisPrudence to convict anyone and especially a President of a crime, without a crime being committed. The American People have had enough of the left going to Bat and Striking Out! When the Democrats lose or face a loss, they want to change the rules of the game. They were ill prepared. I work with Attorneys everyday in Civil Court and know a Shill from a Scholar.

Vincenzo Camuccini's depiction of the death of Julius Caesar.
 Leemage/Getty Images

Sunday, January 19, 2020

OpEd: NATION Upon A Mountain


theodore M I R A L D I.

As is well documented, the boot of Government most always produced more poverty and fewer individual rights, and yes, rich elites throwing crumbs at the squalor all around them.

John Winthrop in 1630 coined the term City Upon A Hill in his famous speech on board a ship headed to Massachusetts Bay Colony. 'A Model of Christian Charity' stated their Puritan purpose quite clearly; 

"We shall be as a City Upon A Hill, the eyes of all people are Upon us."

This nation was built upon God's shoulders.

Giving to those in need is the Foundation of Christian/Judeo Beliefs. The Belief that we are no better than the smallest among us. It is this belief that turned the Wilderness of North American into a Nation Upon God's Mountain.

Why have we strayed so far from this narrative?

The New American Feudal System

Although there are No Kings, Nobles or Peasants as such, modern Americana has re-introduced the worst ideas promoted and established by societies that used the downtrodden to amass enormous wealth. It doesn't take a fertile mind to see the effects of individuals who speak as Winthrop suggested, and act within a dichotomy that crushes the pedestrian needs of a hard working public.

Decaying Cities will Collapse into Chaos while the Starving and Dying beg for crumbs from their over Overlords. As the New American Lords amass fortunes beyond their need, the Sick, Crippled, Homeless and Mentally Ill grovel at their feet as they walk past them in some sanctimonious trance believing morality lies within them.

The sheer absurdity of their narrative as they don the Kings Robes and eat the Finest Foods. It's all about Power and, reflection of themselves not the world around them...

This nation is bigger than any one man/woman or group. Its founding on Charity still prevails. For those who use the charitable hearts of its citizens and sing their own praise,

I have this to say;

Those who steal from the Poor, and knowingly allow American Citizens to crowd the Gates of Wealth, Homeless and Starving while supporting interlopers with the legacy that is theirs,

History will tell a sordid Tale of Your Corruptions!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

OpEd: In America CITIZENS Rule The Narrative

Silhouettes of New US Citizens Against US Flag

theodore M I R A L D I.

It's hard for many of my friends and colleagues on both sides of the political aisle to formulate a cogent assessment of what has gone wrong and who is actually responsible. Make no mistake, both sides have contributed to the malaise of our Body Politic and a very fragmented Culture. There was a time when Country meant more than Party, but that seems to have been beaten to death by the Ideologues.

Divide and Conquer has more adherents today than, Let's Work Things Out. I will list some of the obvious demons stirring the cauldron for a few decades.

Race, Sex, Culture and Victimization are the Big 4

And have had some success in destroying a proud unified nation. There are fewer Marlboro Men, Eastwoods and Waynes to plant Old Glory on their lawns and in the hearts of Americans. The Left has make honoring the Flag wrong and Sodomy right. No wonder those who respect the accomplishments of a nation who hosts more people from around the world than any other.

For those believing embracing taboos, or destructive behavior I have this to say, Grow Up! There's a start and finish to everything. Being a successful adult means acting like an adult.

RACE: This means something very different to me than most and only seems to matter when  coupled with Culture. Being Human is indisputable, but like birds of a feather there are sub-species to this determination. There are thousands of different birds that have their own proclivities, as do humans. For anyone not to acknowledged that fact is ludicrous. We are the same, and yet different. For me, I could care less which part of the sub-species you are connected to. Treat me with respect and work together on common goals and you are part of my family. Don't, and I will perceive you a  negative pressure on Society. I have friends from every human category, it's a gift that I would fight and protect from those who want to divide us. Stop wasting so much time on the exceptions. Help those who want to receive it to move forward. Being ungrateful when others give of themselves only leads to bad relationships. 

SEX: Open your eyes people, healthy sexual activity by consenting adults no matter what your choice is not in question. But making it a Political Canard for power is wrong. Hyper-Sexualizing children and open warfare on those who aren't willing to condone teaching grade school children about Sodomy and Alternative Life-styles that conflict with a natural life is a BIG NO! You will not change my mind, you can only shut me up by Bullying our Representatives. That's called Social Engineering. So do as you wish, just don't force me to watch! We leave our primitive beginnings by overcoming our wants and desires. When Sex is a Core Behavior that pushes others away maybe you are the problem. Scripture has warned us about overcoming the passion of the Flesh. Is anyone listening?

CULTURE: With all respect, I am proud of my Culture and disapprove of those who perceive themselves as victims denigrating its accomplishments. Some Cultures have participated far more than others in lifting the human spirit. In a world where nothing is perfect human beings make mistakes. Fixing those mistakes is a characteristic of Successful Culture. Those who never fix a damn thing on their own have a great deal of Hubris and nothing more. Cultures mired in Corruption needn't spin their web of failure where-ever the reside. Fix yourself before you try to fix me! Like it or not, there are established norms of behaviors that make us all better. Pushing Taboos means you probably have little else to offer the vast majority. If I disagree with you, it doesn't mean we are enemies. Becoming volatile only pushes us further apart. It's why the LEFT is hell bent on dumbing down the Public, drawing lines in the sand on one hand, and speaking about unity on the other. It's all nonsense only the dullest among us will adhere to. Their effort is to have a majority and enslave all of us to their will. God gave you Free Will, don't allow flawed humans to take it away.

VICTIMIZATION: This phenomena has become mainstream. If you have a poor self image, or limited abilities it's not your next door neighbors fault. The blame game starts at home, mostly bad parenting bolstered by poor education and social skills. This became popular in the Sixties in Psy. Professions. Blaming your parents at the age of 40 and above makes you look silly and immature. I can attest many things that sprung up in those times were, and still are silly. Everyone at some time in their lives must take account of themselves. Only those with serious Mental Disabilities are excluded.

Sorry, do the work, get the reward! Blaming others is just lazy. 

So my fellow Citizens, whether you are Young, Old, Black, White or any other hue. 

You Control The Narrative. 

Not the Sub-Cultures, Illegal Aliens,  or those with Alternative Lifestyles. We are Main Street, proven to be the Transformative Force to lasting change for the last 244 years! I suggest not to Rattle the Cage too much longer.