Friday, January 31, 2020


Vincenzo Camuccini's depiction of the death of Julius Caesar.

M I R A L D I.

Those that liken the Senate Trial of a Sitting President to any other Trial in Civil or Criminal Court is living in a Delusion. This was an attempted Political Coup and not a Trial or Impeachment. The audacity of the Partisan Hatred and Kabuki Theater was nothing less than an attempted Political Assassination on the President.

Death by a thousand cuts

The Democrats in all of their Delusions perceive Lies to be Truths and Accusations to be Fact. The flawed House Probe was more about the 2020 Election than having Trump Impeached. They have no-one to blame but themselves! Democrats so used to mediocrity actually believe they did a thorough job. The same type of job done in every City they control across the nation.

No Special Prosecutor, No Grand Jury and No Representation from the Accused in the House. And yet they call the Senate Trial a Sham. It is a shame that my country has turned into this. The same so-called Statesmen/Women acting like a pack of adolescent wolves. The Democrats have been creating and coordinating these late Breaking Bombshells that Fizzle into Oblivion never revealing facts, or crimes committed. Yet they repeat the Lie into infinity.

In the United States of America it is an abomination on every level of JurisPrudence to convict anyone and especially a President of a crime, without a crime being committed. The American People have had enough of the left going to Bat and Striking Out! When the Democrats lose or face a loss, they want to change the rules of the game. They were ill prepared. I work with Attorneys everyday in Civil Court and know a Shill from a Scholar.

Vincenzo Camuccini's depiction of the death of Julius Caesar.
 Leemage/Getty Images

Sunday, January 19, 2020

OpEd: NATION Upon A Mountain


theodore M I R A L D I.

As is well documented, the boot of Government most always produced more poverty and fewer individual rights, and yes, rich elites throwing crumbs at the squalor all around them.

John Winthrop in 1630 coined the term City Upon A Hill in his famous speech on board a ship headed to Massachusetts Bay Colony. 'A Model of Christian Charity' stated their Puritan purpose quite clearly; 

"We shall be as a City Upon A Hill, the eyes of all people are Upon us."

This nation was built upon God's shoulders.

Giving to those in need is the Foundation of Christian/Judeo Beliefs. The Belief that we are no better than the smallest among us. It is this belief that turned the Wilderness of North American into a Nation Upon God's Mountain.

Why have we strayed so far from this narrative?

The New American Feudal System

Although there are No Kings, Nobles or Peasants as such, modern Americana has re-introduced the worst ideas promoted and established by societies that used the downtrodden to amass enormous wealth. It doesn't take a fertile mind to see the effects of individuals who speak as Winthrop suggested, and act within a dichotomy that crushes the pedestrian needs of a hard working public.

Decaying Cities will Collapse into Chaos while the Starving and Dying beg for crumbs from their over Overlords. As the New American Lords amass fortunes beyond their need, the Sick, Crippled, Homeless and Mentally Ill grovel at their feet as they walk past them in some sanctimonious trance believing morality lies within them.

The sheer absurdity of their narrative as they don the Kings Robes and eat the Finest Foods. It's all about Power and, reflection of themselves not the world around them...

This nation is bigger than any one man/woman or group. Its founding on Charity still prevails. For those who use the charitable hearts of its citizens and sing their own praise,

I have this to say;

Those who steal from the Poor, and knowingly allow American Citizens to crowd the Gates of Wealth, Homeless and Starving while supporting interlopers with the legacy that is theirs,

History will tell a sordid Tale of Your Corruptions!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

OpEd: In America CITIZENS Rule The Narrative

Silhouettes of New US Citizens Against US Flag

theodore M I R A L D I.

It's hard for many of my friends and colleagues on both sides of the political aisle to formulate a cogent assessment of what has gone wrong and who is actually responsible. Make no mistake, both sides have contributed to the malaise of our Body Politic and a very fragmented Culture. There was a time when Country meant more than Party, but that seems to have been beaten to death by the Ideologues.

Divide and Conquer has more adherents today than, Let's Work Things Out. I will list some of the obvious demons stirring the cauldron for a few decades.

Race, Sex, Culture and Victimization are the Big 4

And have had some success in destroying a proud unified nation. There are fewer Marlboro Men, Eastwoods and Waynes to plant Old Glory on their lawns and in the hearts of Americans. The Left has make honoring the Flag wrong and Sodomy right. No wonder those who respect the accomplishments of a nation who hosts more people from around the world than any other.

For those believing embracing taboos, or destructive behavior I have this to say, Grow Up! There's a start and finish to everything. Being a successful adult means acting like an adult.

RACE: This means something very different to me than most and only seems to matter when  coupled with Culture. Being Human is indisputable, but like birds of a feather there are sub-species to this determination. There are thousands of different birds that have their own proclivities, as do humans. For anyone not to acknowledged that fact is ludicrous. We are the same, and yet different. For me, I could care less which part of the sub-species you are connected to. Treat me with respect and work together on common goals and you are part of my family. Don't, and I will perceive you a  negative pressure on Society. I have friends from every human category, it's a gift that I would fight and protect from those who want to divide us. Stop wasting so much time on the exceptions. Help those who want to receive it to move forward. Being ungrateful when others give of themselves only leads to bad relationships. 

SEX: Open your eyes people, healthy sexual activity by consenting adults no matter what your choice is not in question. But making it a Political Canard for power is wrong. Hyper-Sexualizing children and open warfare on those who aren't willing to condone teaching grade school children about Sodomy and Alternative Life-styles that conflict with a natural life is a BIG NO! You will not change my mind, you can only shut me up by Bullying our Representatives. That's called Social Engineering. So do as you wish, just don't force me to watch! We leave our primitive beginnings by overcoming our wants and desires. When Sex is a Core Behavior that pushes others away maybe you are the problem. Scripture has warned us about overcoming the passion of the Flesh. Is anyone listening?

CULTURE: With all respect, I am proud of my Culture and disapprove of those who perceive themselves as victims denigrating its accomplishments. Some Cultures have participated far more than others in lifting the human spirit. In a world where nothing is perfect human beings make mistakes. Fixing those mistakes is a characteristic of Successful Culture. Those who never fix a damn thing on their own have a great deal of Hubris and nothing more. Cultures mired in Corruption needn't spin their web of failure where-ever the reside. Fix yourself before you try to fix me! Like it or not, there are established norms of behaviors that make us all better. Pushing Taboos means you probably have little else to offer the vast majority. If I disagree with you, it doesn't mean we are enemies. Becoming volatile only pushes us further apart. It's why the LEFT is hell bent on dumbing down the Public, drawing lines in the sand on one hand, and speaking about unity on the other. It's all nonsense only the dullest among us will adhere to. Their effort is to have a majority and enslave all of us to their will. God gave you Free Will, don't allow flawed humans to take it away.

VICTIMIZATION: This phenomena has become mainstream. If you have a poor self image, or limited abilities it's not your next door neighbors fault. The blame game starts at home, mostly bad parenting bolstered by poor education and social skills. This became popular in the Sixties in Psy. Professions. Blaming your parents at the age of 40 and above makes you look silly and immature. I can attest many things that sprung up in those times were, and still are silly. Everyone at some time in their lives must take account of themselves. Only those with serious Mental Disabilities are excluded.

Sorry, do the work, get the reward! Blaming others is just lazy. 

So my fellow Citizens, whether you are Young, Old, Black, White or any other hue. 

You Control The Narrative. 

Not the Sub-Cultures, Illegal Aliens,  or those with Alternative Lifestyles. We are Main Street, proven to be the Transformative Force to lasting change for the last 244 years! I suggest not to Rattle the Cage too much longer.