Sunday, January 19, 2020

OpEd: NATION Upon A Mountain


theodore M I R A L D I.

As is well documented, the boot of Government most always produced more poverty and fewer individual rights, and yes, rich elites throwing crumbs at the squalor all around them.

John Winthrop in 1630 coined the term City Upon A Hill in his famous speech on board a ship headed to Massachusetts Bay Colony. 'A Model of Christian Charity' stated their Puritan purpose quite clearly; 

"We shall be as a City Upon A Hill, the eyes of all people are Upon us."

This nation was built upon God's shoulders.

Giving to those in need is the Foundation of Christian/Judeo Beliefs. The Belief that we are no better than the smallest among us. It is this belief that turned the Wilderness of North American into a Nation Upon God's Mountain.

Why have we strayed so far from this narrative?

The New American Feudal System

Although there are No Kings, Nobles or Peasants as such, modern Americana has re-introduced the worst ideas promoted and established by societies that used the downtrodden to amass enormous wealth. It doesn't take a fertile mind to see the effects of individuals who speak as Winthrop suggested, and act within a dichotomy that crushes the pedestrian needs of a hard working public.

Decaying Cities will Collapse into Chaos while the Starving and Dying beg for crumbs from their over Overlords. As the New American Lords amass fortunes beyond their need, the Sick, Crippled, Homeless and Mentally Ill grovel at their feet as they walk past them in some sanctimonious trance believing morality lies within them.

The sheer absurdity of their narrative as they don the Kings Robes and eat the Finest Foods. It's all about Power and, reflection of themselves not the world around them...

This nation is bigger than any one man/woman or group. Its founding on Charity still prevails. For those who use the charitable hearts of its citizens and sing their own praise,

I have this to say;

Those who steal from the Poor, and knowingly allow American Citizens to crowd the Gates of Wealth, Homeless and Starving while supporting interlopers with the legacy that is theirs,

History will tell a sordid Tale of Your Corruptions!

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