Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Appeasing LEFT Created CHAOS & COVID-19

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theodore M I R A L D I.

NWO and its queasy adherents are turning the World Upside-Down! 

Who in their right mind would allow the Communist Nation of China to dictate U.S. Financial and Foreign Policy? If that were not bad enough, Communist China controls the ingredients necessary for the vast majority of America's Life Saving Drugs. A nation with literally No Human Rights and most likely murderer of hundreds of millions of its own citizens somehow is the Tip of The Spear around the World.


The Cities and States that boast Socialist Policies are tripping over the lack of response and preparedness as Americans line their sidewalks crippled by ineffective leaders. This factless basis
of positive achievement by an ever-changing band of citizen and non-citizen voices have duped the public for personal gain. Follow the Money!

Through at least the last 3 Administrations until 2016 the Chinese have been 'Eating Our Lunch' ...  as Joe Biden proudly stated. My question for Mr. Biden and his do-nothing Democrats, What in the hell have you done to minimize this? Maybe someone should explain to the nation where the 10Billion dollar increase in National Debt went under the reign, Obama & Biden. American citizens have rebuilt the most egregious Totalitarian Government in History.

What's insane, is that they knew it all along. Bureaucrats and their hunger lust for relevance are continuing to sell America to the Chinese. Why? To Bail-Out, a faltering economic system being guided by Big Government and Socialist minded Democrats whose intent is to take down the arrogance of a Successful Republic, to Humiliate a Successful Culture. To level the playing as Obama stated.

Any fair-minded person has long realized that adding more Bureaucrats in Public Service reduces the chance of success. That's exactly what Obama/Biden did for 8 Putrid years of failure.

A Crisis not seen since the American Civil War!

The Left has successfully Propangandized the Media, Public and Private Education, and our Institutions!

Seditious Behaviors against the government have been in a steady incline since Obama/Biden. Normal Crime & Punishment has gone by the wayside replaced by the appeasement of LawBreakers while holding upstanding Americans to the fire for some inane experiment to warp the Public will.

The Left's Billionaire Population is Destroying the Nation. 

Google, Facebook, Amazon have Capitulated to China's demands for profit at the expense of American Consumers and Taxpayers.

Why are there No ANTI-TRUST Suits?

Why has no-one paid the price for a coordinated Attempted Coup of a Sitting President?

The Left has nearly perfected allowing its supporters to cripple America's Independence funded by the likes of George Soros and his extreme NWO charlatans. How's that working for Europe and it's new Socialist satellites?

The U.S. has finally started paying attention to the Raw Deal, the New Deal and the Democrats have thrust upon our young. No Education, Crippling Debt and sustained efforts to Destabilize American Society and Culture. 

So as we sit at home unsure of how this Pandemic will effect our very lives, look no further than the Laps of the Left, who in their collective consciousness have decided your Life is Meaningless!

Thanks for Nothing!

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