Sunday, April 26, 2020

COVID-19 Doesn't PROFILE In NYC By Illuminating FACTS

Customers in masks line up outside a grocery store in Brooklyn, NY, waiting to enter after other shoppers have left, because of social distancing efforts during the coronavirus outbreak.

theodore  M I R A L D I.

Considering most of the COVID-19 Deaths have occurred in Minority Communities let's consider a few facts. Most of the new immigration that has come into the U.S. over the last 40 years have come from nations with poor health systems. Mexico, Central & South America, China, and a few others. Many have not been inoculated for some of the oldest types of illnesses, TB, Chicken Pox, Rubella, Diphtheria, Yellow Fever and Polio. These diseases have made a comeback in our nation through unchecked immigration. Although Immigration has its rewards, it must be tightly coordinated with the welfare of American Citizens. Too many carriers in our most populated areas.

This should not be in dispute. This is Common Knowledge!

They do not have the vibrant immune system U.S. Citizens have developed. Secondly, this applies to their elderly relatives who may now be living here as well. Over 34% of deaths in NYC are Hispanics who comprise 29% of the population. Clustering populations normally present additional danger in Dense Urban Communities. It has been my experience to witness 5-6, or 7 people living in One Bedroom Apartments.  It presents an enormous Hygiene problem for them as well as their neighbors.

This contributes greatly to passing any illness from one family member to another. COVID-19 is highly infectious, hence the inordinate rate of deaths in these communities have a logical origin.

Personal Hygiene plays an enormous role with highly infectious diseases. Walk down any street in the Bronx you will see nothing but littered sidewalks and food thrown everywhere. I have personally seen people throw nearly entire containers of take-out onto the sidewalks like they are living in some primitive society with dirt roads. All one has to do is be honest and face some facts. No matter where in the world one lives communities like this always suffer the most loss. Acting as though no-one understands makes us all look like we are asleep at the wheel. If we truly want to help our old and newer residents, honesty would be a good place to start.

African/Americans have the second-largest mortality rate of 28%. They comprise 22% of NYC. The African /American community suffers from different variables. (Source;

As of April 17th. there have been 1,999 deaths known to be of COVID-19 among black or African American people in the five boroughs, according to the data. (Source; ABC News)

Unfortunately those in the Black Community suffer from many of the comorbid illnesses that complicate an already deadly virus. Obesity and Diabetes contributing to Heart Failure and Poor Lung Functions. Poor health because of dietary problems and poor choices of nutritious foods puts un-necessary strain not only to the heart, but the respiratory system where COVID-19 does its deadly damage.

How unfortunate that the new social norms embrace Obesity as being beautiful. Just take a look at the role models strutting their stuff sends a bad message. Being overweight has never been the optimum body shape for anyone. The rest of us should be compelled to help change our fellow Americans so they may lead a healthier and longer life.

Appeasing bad behavior is what has gotten us into this mess. Taking responsibility for you own health shouldn’t always be someone else’s burden. Politicians must stop dividing us into pieces of their electoral pie. We know the facts, let's fix the problems.

Statistics may have changed slightly.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Democrat HYPERBOLIC Rhetoric To SCARE Public Into SUBMISSION

You really can be scared to death—here's how | Popular Science

theodore  MI R A L D I.

All The Little Tyrants around the nation are feeding you nothing more than Fear regarding COVID-19 and your civil liberties. If it weren't bad enough comparing this virus to the Spanish Flu, which Killed 50 Million people. They add insult to injury warning Americans that they will be punished if they disobey their assessment and edicts. On top of that, you may get it again!

No doubt this Pandemic is serious, certainly not serious enough to shut down the Entire Nation!

In 2019 these were the annual killers of Americans per year;

Cancer: 606,880
Obesity: 300,000
Alcohol: 88,000
Drug Overdose: 67,513
Suicides: 48,344
Car Accidents: 38,800
Seasonal Flu: 40,905

As of April 19, 2020, 39,068 Deaths in the U.S.

The Democrats aren't concerned about Shutting Down the nation over any of the above yearly deaths. Yearly meaning every single year! Some they actually have control of like Drug Overdoses, Obesity and Alcohol Deaths. These 3 alone accounts for 455,513 Deaths per year. Not a peep from the crickets.

Let's be clear, the data doesn't support any of their claims, and who knows next year the Common Cold be a threat needing swift government closure of your place of Worship or Workplace.

It's time we connect the dots. We are being manipulated in many areas of the country for one thing alone, to destroy Donald Trump. And as we are learning, there may be numerous players involved in maintaining fear to achieve that goal. Before Donald Trump became a candidate, many Democrat Leaders were conspiring to Impeach him. Even before he won the Election nefarious forces within American Institutions were attempting a Political Coup. Enter China. COVID-19 may be too convenient to swallow for most. 

I say, no more Hysteria! Let's do what Americans always do, make up their own minds regarding their health and employment. If Democrats had their way, we would all be on the dole from birth to death. A much easier population to control. Just ask their friends the Chinese.

Many fail to accept that we live in a Violent World. Unfortunately, this is the norm on this planet. It's the Dark Side of Life. Many other nations, cultures and bad actors want what you have worked for. Making believe we in in some Utopian Dimension of Time when killing human beings Before Birth is now a personal convenience.

Wake Up America, while the Congress is getting a paid vacation until early May 2020, Americans are Dying.

Does that seem right to you?   

Sunday, April 12, 2020

NIHILIST Guide To Destruction: Lies, Deception & Death


theodore  M I R A L D I.

What we have here is a Failure at Honesty. Covering mistakes using Lies, Deception, and Death.

It's bad enough that this tactic is used by our geographical adversaries. China, Russia, NKorea, and Iran seem to be in bed with our very own Democrat Party. At a glance, the fair assumption would be that these Evil Doers are of the same ilk. When has the backing of the Third-World become more important than the safety of the citizens you represent?

Let's bury our heads in the sand and say that China may not be responsible for developing a Virus to topple the World Economy. After all, Europe and many other Western nations have been at least holding their own. China has been in a Free-Fall Economy  being outpaced in dramatic and sustainable ways by new U.S. policy. 

Does anyone think that China, the worst Currency Manipulator, and Intellectual Property Thieves are above this kind of Evil? Ask yourself how many millions of their own citizenry have they put to death since their Revolution. For Centuries China has treated Human Life with disregard, Has anything really changed?

Doesn't lying to the International Community about the Time and Origin of this deadly virus mean anything? They were able to control its spread to other Chinese cities as it ravaged the entire globe ... doesn't it least arouse your curiosity? 

Have we come to a point in time that the rejection of all religious moral principles, and the belief that life is meaningless arrived? 

Welcome to the NWO.

What we have watched for the last 4 decades is astonishing. U.S. Taxpayers have been funding lethal enemies who even chant 'Death To America' while Representatives in Congress cut checks for Billions of dollars while letting American Life and Infrastructure crumble. 

What Legislator faithful to the Constitution and their Oath of Office would support policy that damages the nation and gives comfort to the enemy? A Socialist, a Communist and those who proudly swear 'I Hate America' in Public, Privately and in the Media.

So it's not a wild accusation to connect the dots to say the Nihilists, Humanists, and the Dumb are occupying important roles in American Government. The motto of 'All The People' has been replaced with 'Some of The People' and too bad if that angers you diminished citizen. 

The ethnocentricity is in your face. Fairness has been supplanted by the Bullies who issue Verbal and Physical warnings if you disagree. These are the children of the Great Social Experiment that is bringing the nation to its knees. It was the plan all along to allow the limited to rule the limitless and upend the norms of society giving those not worthy the opportunity to rule.

We have watched the crawl of ignorance infect our children through rampant drug abuse and civil dysfunction supported by the purposeful lack of education. They are now the excuse-makers easily led over the cliff by those who believe in nothing. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

The RECKONING! Democrats Dance with Death

Now, the Red Dragon (China) steps in into education sector after ...

theodore  M I R A L DI.

As I have previously stated, the collapse of Western Culture and Economic Supremacy has been the Bane of the less fortunate. Mind you, that is not the fault of nations and peoples who have worked Independently for the Common Good.  The Less Socialized, Less Industrialized and Less Uneducated have suffered
these same results throughout history.

Who's Fault Is It?

There are those who blame the Success of Others, Social Inequality, Geographical Positioning, Government and a slew of Asinine Excuses. I see it quite differently. The lack of Social Evolution in an ever changing world! ADAPTATION! One of Humankind's special attributes has been stymied by Social/Political Greed and Power. Mind you, I'm not referring to successful nations and Cultures, but those easily held behind by Tyrants and other Authoritarian Monsters. The Friends of the Left!

Just be Sensible and Honest and these places are easily recognizable!

CHINA! NKOREA! IRAN! VENEZUELA! CUBA! And these are but a few...

My question, WHY has it been so attractive for the American Left to embrace nations and philosophies that stymie the spirit of freedom? WHY is a substantial part of our nation in Bed with the Devil?

The answer is simple. What can you expect from a dumbed down population of Narcissists and their leaders. They have no answers!!! Only Criticism for those who do. No problem solving abilities, logic, or positive outcomes! Destroy what is, repace it with nothing is their mantra.

So we come full circle to the misfits in the Democrat Party. Money, Fame and Power. They are no longer Public Servants. They wish to be Idolized like the Messiah Obama for promises never meant to be delivered. It's their fix, like junkies on the streets of our Cities telling us what we must believe in. And guess what, their audience are the sheep, not the doers. The Participation Trophy Holders. What they learn about the nation and its people are from Evil Doers who Dance with the Devil. Who side with Communists nations even though they know of their atrocities.

Their will be a Reckoning! The Blame for the lost lives and futures will fall on them! America is Watching...and in the end we will hear, the Devil Made Me Do It!