Saturday, April 18, 2020

Democrat HYPERBOLIC Rhetoric To SCARE Public Into SUBMISSION

You really can be scared to death—here's how | Popular Science

theodore  MI R A L D I.

All The Little Tyrants around the nation are feeding you nothing more than Fear regarding COVID-19 and your civil liberties. If it weren't bad enough comparing this virus to the Spanish Flu, which Killed 50 Million people. They add insult to injury warning Americans that they will be punished if they disobey their assessment and edicts. On top of that, you may get it again!

No doubt this Pandemic is serious, certainly not serious enough to shut down the Entire Nation!

In 2019 these were the annual killers of Americans per year;

Cancer: 606,880
Obesity: 300,000
Alcohol: 88,000
Drug Overdose: 67,513
Suicides: 48,344
Car Accidents: 38,800
Seasonal Flu: 40,905

As of April 19, 2020, 39,068 Deaths in the U.S.

The Democrats aren't concerned about Shutting Down the nation over any of the above yearly deaths. Yearly meaning every single year! Some they actually have control of like Drug Overdoses, Obesity and Alcohol Deaths. These 3 alone accounts for 455,513 Deaths per year. Not a peep from the crickets.

Let's be clear, the data doesn't support any of their claims, and who knows next year the Common Cold be a threat needing swift government closure of your place of Worship or Workplace.

It's time we connect the dots. We are being manipulated in many areas of the country for one thing alone, to destroy Donald Trump. And as we are learning, there may be numerous players involved in maintaining fear to achieve that goal. Before Donald Trump became a candidate, many Democrat Leaders were conspiring to Impeach him. Even before he won the Election nefarious forces within American Institutions were attempting a Political Coup. Enter China. COVID-19 may be too convenient to swallow for most. 

I say, no more Hysteria! Let's do what Americans always do, make up their own minds regarding their health and employment. If Democrats had their way, we would all be on the dole from birth to death. A much easier population to control. Just ask their friends the Chinese.

Many fail to accept that we live in a Violent World. Unfortunately, this is the norm on this planet. It's the Dark Side of Life. Many other nations, cultures and bad actors want what you have worked for. Making believe we in in some Utopian Dimension of Time when killing human beings Before Birth is now a personal convenience.

Wake Up America, while the Congress is getting a paid vacation until early May 2020, Americans are Dying.

Does that seem right to you?   

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  1. I've said this from the beginning. We have allowed the government to infringe upon dozens of our freedoms in the name of being 'safe.' In reality, I suspect that since so many democrats are agnostic/atheistic that they hold this life as sacred because of their lack of belief in the afterlife. Maybe that is overly simple, but the Left's love affair with 'fairness' and 'equality' is what they've spent the last 40 years striving for.....and here we are with millions of Americans begging for them to deliver that in the name of safety.

    The sick thing is that then the politicians stand around expecting praise for them gracing us with $1200 of our own money as if they slaved over it for us. The reality is considering there are about 245 million adults in America, if we avoided wasting hundreds of billions of dollars on pork programs, the initial $2.2 trillion dollar 'stimulus' divided equally among adults would have deposited over $8900 in everyone's checking account.....and THAT would have directly impacted the economy.

    The cost of this national shutdown is far worse than the COVID 19 virus itself.