Sunday, April 12, 2020

NIHILIST Guide To Destruction: Lies, Deception & Death


theodore  M I R A L D I.

What we have here is a Failure at Honesty. Covering mistakes using Lies, Deception, and Death.

It's bad enough that this tactic is used by our geographical adversaries. China, Russia, NKorea, and Iran seem to be in bed with our very own Democrat Party. At a glance, the fair assumption would be that these Evil Doers are of the same ilk. When has the backing of the Third-World become more important than the safety of the citizens you represent?

Let's bury our heads in the sand and say that China may not be responsible for developing a Virus to topple the World Economy. After all, Europe and many other Western nations have been at least holding their own. China has been in a Free-Fall Economy  being outpaced in dramatic and sustainable ways by new U.S. policy. 

Does anyone think that China, the worst Currency Manipulator, and Intellectual Property Thieves are above this kind of Evil? Ask yourself how many millions of their own citizenry have they put to death since their Revolution. For Centuries China has treated Human Life with disregard, Has anything really changed?

Doesn't lying to the International Community about the Time and Origin of this deadly virus mean anything? They were able to control its spread to other Chinese cities as it ravaged the entire globe ... doesn't it least arouse your curiosity? 

Have we come to a point in time that the rejection of all religious moral principles, and the belief that life is meaningless arrived? 

Welcome to the NWO.

What we have watched for the last 4 decades is astonishing. U.S. Taxpayers have been funding lethal enemies who even chant 'Death To America' while Representatives in Congress cut checks for Billions of dollars while letting American Life and Infrastructure crumble. 

What Legislator faithful to the Constitution and their Oath of Office would support policy that damages the nation and gives comfort to the enemy? A Socialist, a Communist and those who proudly swear 'I Hate America' in Public, Privately and in the Media.

So it's not a wild accusation to connect the dots to say the Nihilists, Humanists, and the Dumb are occupying important roles in American Government. The motto of 'All The People' has been replaced with 'Some of The People' and too bad if that angers you diminished citizen. 

The ethnocentricity is in your face. Fairness has been supplanted by the Bullies who issue Verbal and Physical warnings if you disagree. These are the children of the Great Social Experiment that is bringing the nation to its knees. It was the plan all along to allow the limited to rule the limitless and upend the norms of society giving those not worthy the opportunity to rule.

We have watched the crawl of ignorance infect our children through rampant drug abuse and civil dysfunction supported by the purposeful lack of education. They are now the excuse-makers easily led over the cliff by those who believe in nothing. 

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