Sunday, April 5, 2020

The RECKONING! Democrats Dance with Death

Now, the Red Dragon (China) steps in into education sector after ...

theodore  M I R A L DI.

As I have previously stated, the collapse of Western Culture and Economic Supremacy has been the Bane of the less fortunate. Mind you, that is not the fault of nations and peoples who have worked Independently for the Common Good.  The Less Socialized, Less Industrialized and Less Uneducated have suffered
these same results throughout history.

Who's Fault Is It?

There are those who blame the Success of Others, Social Inequality, Geographical Positioning, Government and a slew of Asinine Excuses. I see it quite differently. The lack of Social Evolution in an ever changing world! ADAPTATION! One of Humankind's special attributes has been stymied by Social/Political Greed and Power. Mind you, I'm not referring to successful nations and Cultures, but those easily held behind by Tyrants and other Authoritarian Monsters. The Friends of the Left!

Just be Sensible and Honest and these places are easily recognizable!

CHINA! NKOREA! IRAN! VENEZUELA! CUBA! And these are but a few...

My question, WHY has it been so attractive for the American Left to embrace nations and philosophies that stymie the spirit of freedom? WHY is a substantial part of our nation in Bed with the Devil?

The answer is simple. What can you expect from a dumbed down population of Narcissists and their leaders. They have no answers!!! Only Criticism for those who do. No problem solving abilities, logic, or positive outcomes! Destroy what is, repace it with nothing is their mantra.

So we come full circle to the misfits in the Democrat Party. Money, Fame and Power. They are no longer Public Servants. They wish to be Idolized like the Messiah Obama for promises never meant to be delivered. It's their fix, like junkies on the streets of our Cities telling us what we must believe in. And guess what, their audience are the sheep, not the doers. The Participation Trophy Holders. What they learn about the nation and its people are from Evil Doers who Dance with the Devil. Who side with Communists nations even though they know of their atrocities.

Their will be a Reckoning! The Blame for the lost lives and futures will fall on them! America is Watching...and in the end we will hear, the Devil Made Me Do It!

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