Sunday, June 21, 2020

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theodore miraldi.

The Cry of Liberty is now about taking away your Job, your Speech and your History!

I find it rich getting lessons on morality from the Vice-Squad of Liberals that have sat and watched my city turn into a 3rd World Horror! There's nothing wrong with loving people, there is something wrong with facilitating criminals while lecturing Law Abiding Residents.

While the violence increases the Mayor and Govenor of NY disbanded over 600 anti-crime unit cops. These are the men and women who weed out the most agregeous criminals in our city. This is the unit that faces off with the killers, drugs dealers, rapists.  

My block in the Bronx has turned into a raucous mix of loud music and Cherry Bombs nearly 24 hours a day.

It's time to take a serious look at City Hall and the resident of the Governor's Mansion. Maybe its time to mount a recall of these two dimwits before NYC becomes a reference to the past. 

The tragic incidents that have befallen the nation are surely an opportunity to take a long hard look at the policing mechanisms when facing violent and uncooperative citizens. The recent deaths should never have happened in a perfect society. And there's the rub, we are not a perfect society now or ever in the past.

The fever pitch now emanating across main street in another ridiculous effort by friends of Democrats to control events to harm any opposition to their goal. The demands of mostly children are reminiscent of past emotive cries for Justice, their kind of Justice.

And as we have seen for weeks now Justice by the Mob is based mostly on the destruction of property and the hearts of Freedom across the entire nation. These events are by all measure indiscriminate and in most cases without malice by the police.

What is intensional are the mobs of looters and killers that are unleashed upon the public and destroying the dreams of other innocent Americans who have painstakingly stayed home waiting to take control of their lives once again. Isn't it odd that these circumstances and misfits take advantage to wipe out businesses in their own neighborhoods? How can that advance the Black population who own many of the mom and pop operations across the nation? And why are people destroying property far from the event site?

As a relatively intelligent individual, having all people of any color happy, would be a dream come true. Facing the facts for some though may be an inconvenient truth they will not, and can not bear.

There are those in every Culture that succeed in their lifelong ambition, and there are those who either by lack of knowledge or feigned confrontations believe that a failed narrative is the way to success. There should be no disposition that promotes a lack of knowledge and reason to be embraced by any group or individual deemed acceptable to punish the majority or societal norms.

As one community un/hyphenated by bias, we will become the mentors and the students, and as time permits all could attain station within society. However, there are bad actors who understand their own limitations who are easily persuaded to disrupt communities with violence to get what they want. There are major figures who have learned to extort resources from the private sector. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and yes, Barack Hussein Obama. The bullies have little to offer the common man as they fill the pockets with money allocated to help the poor. It's why their communities never improve. Buying favor with political operatives has become the life of so-called community organizers.

So as the streets are flooded with the Trophy Participants and Misfits America teeters on the verge of Civil War. A War that will swiftly end when the adults again take control by whatever means necessary. 

If your looking for someone to blame for your life, look at the Leaders in your community.

The rag-tag elements of Socialist Change are in for a Spanking!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Urban Blacks Core VALUES Need To Change

theodore miraldi

At first I was sympathetic to all that was George Floyd. I now believe this has gone too far, and far too long. I've watched the deaths of presidents and funerals of dignitaries who truly changed the world we live in, with far less grandeur than Mr. Floyd. 

What's tragic here, is that the criminal behaviors of those in communities with many other George Floyds' will not take the opportunity to change their lives or reshape the communities they live in. What's systemic isn't institutional but personal. There are pockets of individuals who are sustained solely on entitlements. No work and all play only lead to substance and alcohol abuse. 

What's systemic is young men and women who buy into the false narratives of those leading the march against meaningful lives. If you are failing yourself they supply you with a handbook filled with excuses. 

Albeit poverty is hard to escape when your neighbor is walking around in $400 sneakers and diamond earrings luring you into a life of crime. Children have big eyes and bigger dreams, and surly the easy way to stardom has assumed hyper-appeal in down-trodden communities. 

I know, I've lived in these communities for a good deal of my life. I see the faces of both young and old stuck in a place their neighbors promote. George Floyd is just a reminder that will never change human nature of those who disagree when the most outrageous offenses are born of the community they call home. 

Charity toward each other begins at home, killing your friends and neighbors sends nothing but a model of defeated individuals not willing to try something better. I've seen parts of NYC change, so I know it can bet done.

Protests and Riots with no real agenda add up to nothing! In a few months the histrionics will subside, and George Floyd will have died in vain. Over the top remedies show the lack of seriousness by its promoters.

Forget the gnashing of teeth and emotive impulse, together we can move forward hand in hand without burning down a nation to do so. 

Sunday, June 7, 2020

When Evil Wears a Black Face

TOPSHOT - Protesters gather in front of a liquor store in flames near the Third Police Precinct on May 28, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during a protest over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, who died after a police officer kneeled on his neck for several minutes. - A police precinct in Minnesota went up in flames late on May 28 in a third day of demonstrations as the so-called Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul seethed over the shocking police killing of a handcuffed black man. The precinct, which police had abandoned, burned after a group of protesters pushed through barriers around the building, breaking windows and chanting slogans. A much larger crowd demonstrated as the building went up in flames. (Photo by kerem yucel / AFP) (Photo by KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images)

theodore miraldi

How unfortunate the Great Society diminished the Black Republican Population in America. How could they have known that the party of JFK and LBJ would actually hinder their economic and social advancement?

I've become more acquainted with Robert Woodson the former Civil Rights Leader, and the Godfather of Neighborhood Empowerment. 

Excepts from Robert Woodson on Tucker Carlson:

"In the past 50 years, $22 trillion has been spent on poverty programs. Seventy percent goes not to the poor but those who serve poor people." "So many of those people taking office use this money to create a class of people who are running these cities, and now after 50 years of liberal Democrats running the inner cities, where we have all of these inequities that we have, race is being used as a ruse, as a means of deflecting attention away from critical questions such as why are poor blacks failing in systems run by their own people?"

"When Eric Holder was a U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., a lot of young people were shot by the police, but they were black police shooting black kids and not one was prosecuted. But there was no public outcry because as long as illegality or evil wears a black face, then it escapes detection and that's what's wrong with looking life through the prism of race."

"I don't know what systemic racism is. Maybe someone can explain what that means." 
 (Robert Woodson:  Former civil rights activist, he has headed the National Urban League Department of Criminal Justice, and has been a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Foundation for Public Policy Research.)

Two much emphasis has been put on multi-culturalism, and the need to be different. That being said, omitting the one most successful narrative purposely should considered a criminal act  against ones-self. 

In the past 3 decades being Politically Correct has been more important than solving the systemic issues crippling the Black Community. In the forefront has always been education and Family. When these two core principles of social integration are lacking, the human experience is diminished. Hence densely populated areas of low achieving residents. Many in immigrant communities only work in privately owned neighborhood businesses never learning English, and subduing their access to success.

They just aren't getting it!

This malady of integration happens within all cultural groups. Those not willing, or able to assimilate fall behind. These are the communities with the most crime and poverty. The Democrats have made this their formula for Votes and Power. Promise a hungry man a steak and a bottle of wine and he will probably follow you over a cliff. Insidious one might surmise, but that's where our nation has bottomed out. No longer relying on a well-educated public to move the nation forward, but on Systemic Institutional Failures promoted by no other than the Democrats.

Their Clarion Call is for Riots, Not Reason.

Those Who Demand Justice Show No Justice!

R.I.P George Floyd!