Thursday, July 2, 2020

DeBlasio's Brass Knuckle ATTACK Against NYPD

NYPD clash with protesters outside City Hall as NYC votes to cut ...

theodore miraldi

Now that the left has elevated their displeasure with American Culture going from the PC Police to Peaceful Protests, we have now entered Phase-3, Mob Violence, and Destruction. 

Sorry woke people, this methodology has been used around the world and has never delivered the goods. The old Communists and Socialists insisted on State-Owned Business having little to no economies to support the Free Stuff. What could they be thinking?

Ask anyone who has escaped any of these failed countries if you really want to know the truth. They are all around you from nearly every nation in the world. 

So why would people from other Nations risk life and limb to live in a racist nation?

The one obvious point is money. The second is safety and freedom. 

It's almost as though some believe Americans have come to become one of the most wealthy nations giving its citizens a higher standard of living just by wishing it. Truly that's the message the Left promotes throughout the land of Sanctuary Cities.

So goes the Left's promise for the last 3 decades. Promise the poor living below the poverty level in the inner cities of grandiose social programs that are obvious failures, and the new arrivals a land of opportunity. Two distinct groups fighting for the same unskilled jobs. 

Too many poor, too many mouths to feed, too many lies by the Democrats.

I live in a multi-cultural community and see those from every continent and Island in the world realize their dreams of success and freedom. Most if not all obey the law, care about their children's education, and the safety of their families.

So who are the antagonists burning down our communities?

The Democrats and their Faux followers who monetize racism by dividing the rest of us. Just take New York City for example. The city that prides itself on one of the lowest crime metrics in the nation versus the farce of helping the underprivileged, never mind the underachievers. 

Crime has and always will be centered in the poorest neighborhoods, it used to be predominantly in communities with large influxes of immigrants. Not so any longer. The mixture of illegals and generational poverty within the African/American community is now a powder keg igniting violence throughout New York City. 

Facts are facts! 

The two dominant cultures now in New York City are Hispanic and Afro/American. Two factions that display an eternal discourse with anyone not a person of color. Some apparently haven't progressed from tribal warfare, and yet demand perfection.  

The false narrative regarding police violence is just another hyperbole in blowing up exceptions to the rule in the quest for dominance by any means. What can't be accomplished by simpler minds can be forced upon the majority with violence and bullying. We have watched this happen in every major city across the nation. The fusillade of racist threats comes predominantly from people of color. And the Left applauds the Racists and showers them with praise.

For God's sake fix the damn schools, educate the children and create jobs in the poorest neighborhoods. You don't have to be a a rocket scientist to see what's wrong. What's really wrong with NYC are its phony leaders who actually steal from the poor!  

How brave to insult your neighbors for the injustice caused by those long gone. How ingenuous minus the fact and forced censure of the opposition. Makes for a one-sided argument with no real progress. 

As a native New Yorker, my concern for the true welfare of my fellow neighbors has reached critical mass. Under the decay of De Blasio and his 3rd World mentors, our city is suffering from the chaos of corruption. The City Council is riddled with perceived victims with an ax to grind against history and their own self-respect. The welcoming arms of long-standing residents had exacerbated a political narrative of search and destroy. A narrative that comes from nations of people that live in Abject poverty for generations. One must only open their eyes to see its nexus.

Why else would DeBlasio, Cuomo and the Democrats who control our City and State Government wave the White Flag of Surrender?

Who wouldn't want the return of a time when the cop on the beat represented safety and not a White Supremacist? That's what DeBlasio has done for NYC.

Mayor DeBlasio fills his wife's pocket with nearly a Billion Dollars for ThriveNYC to help those with mental illness with little or no results. Yet men and women who actually put their lives on the line to keep New York safe are being demonized daily by socialists and communists.

What we need are more police and fewer mindless politicians. 

The NYPD has long been the head of the spear keeping its residents safe from Criminals on the Streets. 

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