Monday, July 6, 2020

Socialism Is SLAVERY'S New Master

theodore miraldi

How much longer will Americans proud of their Heritage and Culture allow the party of  Jim Crow, Slavery, Segregation, Moral Decay, and Sedition to exist? Just listen to what comes out of their shameless mouths.

No longer satisfied to appear like the bastard children of social regression, they now have amassed an army of agitators in Sanctuary Cities across the nation. As they expose their true intentions fed by years of give-aways to unsuspecting citizens and immigrants, the new socialists are back at what they do best, creating a new form of slavery thru entitlement and victimhood.

What strikes me odd are the sheer numbers of young people who are buying into a possible life of contractual obligations of a suppressive government guided by a handful of social enablers and corporations. How else could a community that operates in dysfunction be leading a social justice narrative?

If it doesn't make sense, why the hell are we tolerating it in the first place? The Race hijinx is just a Ruse. If you can't control the educated, you just stop educating...

As Thomas Jefferson once said, 'A well-informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny.' Wonder why your kids are doing so poorly, just ask your Democrat Representatives. Where-ever they nest, socio-economic opportunities disappear, education falters, and communities become violent.

We are in the throws of a Cultural Revolution being fed by bad actors who propose that less personal responsibility means more dependence on the tribe. Only dysfunctional minds would propose that as logical, rational, or intellectual. Many in our society assume the more headlines you read the better informed you are, the literacy of a fool. Context, Reference, and History are the arbiters of sanity.

Emotive hysteria is for lesser minds filled with self-indulgence and narcissistic tendencies. A wild mob never creates lasting value. 

How unfortunate for those lost individuals, and by extension to the rest of us, find that their dim-witted obedience continues to allow their communities and lives to remain relatively stagnant. Those who accuse the past of present-day failures are indicting themselves with the guilt only they possess.

 The wholesale fallacy that someone down the street, or in another State, or Time has doomed any chance for personal success. 

We are All Americans, and through our hard work, and caring nature contribute to those who struggle to find their way. It's time to hold those who are stealing your opportunities to the task. Since Johnson's Great Society the party of Slavery is up to its old ways. 

Charity has no party affiliation, it comes from our adherence to our Creator's command.

The Democrats of today care more about a bigger party than a better life...especially for Blacks.

Modern-day slavery may appear different, not so when the master is the Socialist State?

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