Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Party of PETULANT Children

These 2 Nancy Pelosi photos perfectly describe the state of our ...

theodore miraldi.

Screaming children. stomping anyone who disagrees. Literally destroying peoples' lives with no shame or remorse. This is the Democrat Party of today. They will join with any group to gain ultimate power. 

Remember the KKK? They surely develop amnesia regarding their marriage with Racists and Haters.

This is not the first time Democrats have been on the wrong side of history!

The Democrat Party has long ago abandoned the middle class, the engine of our success. Why?
It became evident that an educated population could no longer be bought by the government. So, shipping out jobs and industry to 3-World Nations was a declaration of its independence from upholding not only the oath of office but the responsibility to its constituents.

Knowing that, they proceeded to nurture sub-groups for their support. Initializing policies outside the mainstream to reel in the new catch. These groups of self-inflicted victims rallied around the cry to destroy the norms and therefore the nation. These groups along with new arrivals have replaced the indigenous citizens who toiled for generations to Make America Great at odds with their Totalionistic

This is a change that has been decades in the making.

Senator Joseph McCarthy's intense anti-Communist suspicion in the United States that lasted roughly from the late 1940s to the mid to late 1950s identified the subversion going on in the nation at that time. The effort by Nations and Bad Actors in the United States have been tilling the soil ever since. 

It's become unfortunate that many young Americans have had their Culture and Heritage removed from their mindset by the Liberal teaching professionals, and outright Propaganda by Social Media and the Press. 

Why is it that there is never a cure for any of the problems facing the nation? This is a Marxist methodology starting with dumbing down the public. Thirty or so years later we have riots about anything and everything. These young people know nothing about their own nation. They have been fed propaganda by the Left about how bad their country is.

They have been reinforced on multiple levels throughout their lives. As young people do, they believe those in positions of authority that they have been weened to accept. They are taught about social justice from the Lefts' perspective, a no holds barred assault to promote dysfunctional behaviors. Free Drugs, Liberal Sexual Preferences and Civil Disobedience.

As a result, they disagree with most formal societal norms and pursue instant gratification across the board. To disagree with their mantra is to be an enemy. 

Leading the charge is a cadre of over the hill 60's radicals who apparently have never reached maturity.

Little do the young know, someone else is deciding their fate...

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