Saturday, August 1, 2020

OpEd: Democrats Put LIFE On DELAY

DOL Formally Moves to Delay Fiduciary Rule - Barron's

theodore miraldi.

Outrage from the mouths of those who care about the People and our Republic, the Democrats openly support putting your personal security on Delay by Defunding the Police. The Democrats want to Delay your children from returning to school against what science tells us to do. 

The Democrats want to Delay you from praying at your place of worship. Democrats want to Delay voting on the next stage of help from Congress if they can't fund their pet projects as well. The Democrats want to Delay sentencing for known criminals with No-Bail edicts. The Democrats want to Delay therapeutics and vaccines hitting the market before the election. 

The democrats want to Delay opening up the economy even where Covid-19 has little to no effect. The Democrats want to Delay real Progress unless taxpayers pay from cradle to grave to fund their Revolution against the American People.

To be honest, the democrats want to Delay the riots from stopping by calling them peaceful protests as they rage out of control. The Democrats want to Delay any help coming from the Federal Government to restore peace.  

And last but not least, the democrats have Delayed Black People from becoming Independent of the State. Black Lives is an inhouse business for the democrats for the past 6 decades with false promises and failed policies. 

The democrats want to Delay the Wall to help stop Illegals from entering our nation.

What's does this all mean?

The Democrats are no more progressive than a dead planet in space. As a matter of fact, they are repressive. Our Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution based on incrementalism so that sane minds could enact just laws. The Democrats even want to Delay the very essence of sanity. They have assumed a cultural dysfunction from their own constituents where up means down and good means bad. So confused by norms of the left, that they have acquiesced their solemn duty to do no harm.

Massive Mail-In Voting because they have shut the nation down is ludicrous. 

With nations already working to interfere why give opportunists and haters the opportunity to commit nationwide fraud? It appears only Democrats are promoting this widespread Fraud. After the 2016 hoax perpetrated by the very same party against the opposition.  In a nation that they themselves espouse as a democracy of one vote per citizen when all they do is expose every system and institution to failure or corruption.    

And although the Constitution does not illuminate what we must do in these unprecedented times regarding a Federal Election, extraordinary times sometimes require extraordinary measures although no Presidential Election has ever been postponed, not even during a war.

The tactics being used by the Democrats are just a continuation of the corruption we have seen from Obama and his henchmen.

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