Monday, September 28, 2020

Who Are We? Election About Us!


theodore miraldi.

Sick and Tired of the Misfits telling me who I am, and who I must be. It's very unlikely that I would need anyone that's burning down the nation, or calling others racists at the drop of a hat, would impress me in the slightest. I've seen Justice and Injustice with my own eyes throughout my life, and have been on both sides of the equation. 

Strip away the foundations of our nation, consensus norms of acceptable behaviors, and civil communities, and what you are seeing in our cities and towns is what we will become. Turn off the light of humankind, strip away what wove the fabric of our commitments, and what is left are the soulless creatures that destroy the innocence of others who believe in hope. Without hope we are reduced to our animal instincts of survival. To be blunt, Eat, Defecate, and Reproduce.

A time when Wants outweigh Needs.

Our wants become Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth, which are contrary to the seven heavenly virtues. This is what pure instinct produces. Tell me you're not seeing this every day, and everywhere. 

Our needs as cohesive caring beings do not survive without the seven virtues identified as Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility.

One would think these characteristics would be easy to identify and correct? No so...

Our nation's hyperactive instant demand for complicated human problems isn't as easy as developing a new iPhone or Social Platform and Tweeting. Human adaptability can only tolerate what it can analyze and understand. When thrown into untenable chaos, confusion, and self-loathing, the Pride in ourselves exerts negative responses not based on our best choices. The powers that manipulate our personal space are filling the void created with indigestible nonsense leaving us empty-headed and unfulfilled. 

There are those among us who would be more comfortable with Rome's Caligula than the Word of Christ. The moral turpitude has infected even the children. It's a baseless narrative that offers no redemption only stroking pleasures of both the mind and body. History has proven for Millenium that Evil is ever-present and only the vigilant survives its final outcome.

Healing wounds is hard work, empty promises, and loads of cash just don't work! The Rioters we see Sacking stores and Looting aren't walking around in their underwear for lack of clothing. The Rioters and Looters aren't suffering from malnutrition and stealing food. What you are seeing are bad actors being promoted by others bad actors who have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

As I have stated numerous times before these tactics are pervasive, and designed to use force to acquire power. What serious-minded individual promotes Death by Bullying in order to gain personal power and valuable merchandise. This is not about the community, this is about individuals and bad social evolution. 

What must be considered by the Rioters and the Victims.

The situation could end badly for both sides. Be confident though if need be the Rioters will be repelled by force. Now we have an opportunity to stand together and act as citizens of the same nation. This has happened before and in the end, only one side will be victorious. 

Which side will you choose, Tyranny or Freedom?

MEMO: For GOD'S Sake?

theodore miraldi.


It's sad the level of intolerance from the Touchy, Feely Party. A day doesn't pass without one of their geniuses calling someone a Racist, or Fascist. The Democrat Party has devolved into a species of nothing more than nerve endings, compulsive reactions, and poor people skills.

It seems the only people listening to their never-ending attacks are the rioters and Pseudo-Revolutionaries like AOC and the Squad. Our nation is in a real crisis, and it would appear the Democrats are the cause once more!

The minds of MIce and questionable Men are shredding the Constitution and laughing. Too many Joints, too much Alcohol and the Rash of STD's, AIDS, and CoronaVirus has sent them over the cliff! At one time in my life, I considered myself LIberal and boy was my life a mess!

Unfortunately, many Liberals just haven't grown up. And the ones in the pockets of the Taxpayers haven't actually earned a living yet. I've always been a Live & Let Live guy and let my actions speak for themselves. You know whenever someone is trying to explain to you, what You mean, they have no idea what they are talking about. Thanks for the help, but maybe you need to clam-up!

This would make a little sense if the Left actually had something that wasn't some faraway future goal that they never seem to deliver.

Magical Thinking works better in a Magical World, most of us live in the present. How about showing us you can manage your own affairs without preaching to the rest of us. Example: For my friends and neighbors, for God's sake clean up your own backyard.

When you're done we'll talk. Too much crime in your Hood, stop looking the other way and step-up. You are letting the Bullies Win. It's gotten so bad that our Local, State, and even Federal Government is filled with Bullies.

And those Inalienable God-given Rights are disappearing. There's a New God in town now called Demigods.

Obey, Or Be Canceled!

Artwork: Heracles and the Hydra

OpEd: NO! Say Democrats Crying About Scotus Pick


theodore miraldi.

 Did it stop President Obama from picking a nominee during an election year? Even when the Republicans ranted about Obama being in the last 10 months of his second term, Obama did not withdraw his selection. And here's the rub, just as the Republicans held power in the Senate during Obama's last year, Republicans are the majority once more.

What we are looking at this election year is a massive resist by Democrats to drag the election out past the date the Electoral College must decide who the winner actually is. If so, it then goes to the House of Representatives. Barring any shenanigans by the party that likes to cheat, such as voter fraud or uncounted ballots, the House chooses the President. 

So in order to avoid a stickup by the Democrats, it is imperative that Trump nominates a replacement for RBG. This election will be decided in the courts, the Democrats have already enlisted over 600 Lawyers to challenge ballots and decisions made by the Electorate. Let's be clear, the Democrat Party is a horde of criminals that allows thugs to burn down private property, maim and kill anyone who dissents.

Like it or not, Trump is the President and it's his duty to nominate RBG's successor. And although there are cries by both parties regarding Merrick Garland twisting the truth doesn't make it the same situation, and they know it. 

There's even talk by the Democrats to Impeach Trump again to stop his nomination.These are sick people who LUST for POWER...

The Democrats are going to stomp their feet no matter what. It's a sad state of affairs when those you are supposed to Trust continually break it. Did the heart of our nation matter when they tried to impeach Trump on falsified testimony and documents? When they eviscerated Judge Cavanaugh in full view of the public? 

This election may very well go to the Supreme Court! Fill the empty seat whether the Democrats like it or not!

Don't hold your breath. The Democrats will do whatever is necessary to win.

You can bet your Life on it!   

Thursday, September 10, 2020

OpEd: Constitution Replaced By TERMS OF SERVICE

 Origin of the Borg , Immortality , Borg Babies , Collective vs Borg Queen -  Star Trek Theory - YouTube

theodore miraldi.

In our not so long illustrious existence the United States of America has been guided by the core values enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Carefully crafting the words that had until the Civil War tried to create the perfect union between its residents and government.

Our Founding Documents has served us well through War and National Tragedy. Its Citizens remained proud even though we were not perfect. Then something happened...

Artificial Intelligence and the Birth of the Lazy Citizen. Remember the uproar when calculators were given to children in school? The Birth of the Lazy Mind began. Cast aside were the historical reference one needs to analyze and deduce logical outcomes.

It has been proven through empirical evidence that math and logic are synonymous. The core of the organization within the working mind relies on the linear process. This process of linear thinking is the nexus of natural science. The added ability of abstraction can only operate as the inspiration and not the cure.

It's why in simpler terms Humanistic narratives within the government are subject to constant change without the science of logic.

Artificial Intelligence with all its wizardry, bells, and whistles can never replace the processes of human thought. Logic without inspiration develops a false dichotomy of mundane existence and robotic responses. One knows through experience, trial, and error which path results in a more human outcome. Human beings are not a series of 1's and 0's.

What we are experiencing in our lives at the moment is the force-feeding of Propaganda using techniques that only the Elites of Silicon Valley understand. In their repetitious banter of a Brave New World, they forget to explain the outcome related to the Individual's Rights.

In their minds, they are helping us understand the new morality that dictates our compliance whether we agree or not.

Their Terms of Service is more like a manifesto meant to illuminate your failures and forcefully correct them. This insidious methodology leaves no room for dissent. Disobey and you will be banned, ostracized, and therefore canceled.

Their micro-chip understanding of Individual Rights are seen as a nuisance and counter to your well being.

The Tech Giants control your world, and the words of our Founding Fathers.

 'Resistance is Futile' ...  Just Ask The Tech Giants!

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

OpEd: Democrats DESTROYING New York City

theodore miraldi.

As a proud grandson of Italian and Jewish Immigrants who braved the mighty Atlantic, how unfortunate the New York of today has little resemblance to their hope and dreams. They were probably card-carrying Democrats.

The Democrats who cared about the working class, helped establish Labor Unions, and yes Women's and Civil Rights. My family for the most part were Blue Collar, toiling the streets of the Garment District, Construction, and yes, even Law!

They were Penniless and Proud. This was the land that anyone from anywhere could be Free. and with hard work build a more successful life.

I want to say something plain and clear. When my life took a turn for the worse over 30 years ago, it was the Old Guard Democrats who helped me to my feet. What a difference 30 years has made in the city that I love. Make no mistake there are still wonderful people in my city who still care and do what is right, but where have all of these bad people come from?

My New York was filled with young people from all over the nation, trying to stake their claim to success. They were much too busy competing and imagining better ways and means to make their mark. The city sparkled with enthusiasm and smiling faces. You could feel the sense of pride the young bestowed upon themselves fueled only by their own merit.

That enthusiasm propelled the society to accomplish bigger and better things, the social justice we all clamor for wasn't being forced down anyone's throats with threats, or by bullying. But something changed!

As outlying communities became more populated with less-educated groups the city, and its masterminds started gerrymandering the Public Schools so that more children would fail in an attempt to make those who screamed of victimization feel relevant. 

Now, look what you've done!

If I had only realized that crying about my personal failures would have opened more doors. I had to work and work hard to climb from the abyss of human experience into the world I had once been part of. After years of re-educating myself, I have finally emerged from the depths of disappointment.

The difference was it was my own fault with no-one else to blame.

As a native New Yorker with a unique perspective on her worth, I try to help others who are struggling with life-changing narratives. The sense of pride and accomplishment is still here for all who wish to embrace it!

What has become of the good-hearted people who once called themselves Democrats? 

Their enthusiasm has turned to hatred of all who oppose a new narrative that requires no-one to do the work to improve themselves. After all, life has its struggles, but when we truly work together anything is possible.

So as many have said before me, 'The Democrat Party Left Me.' A great lose for all! What I have also realized through my latter life is that unless we enact cogent policy and demand responsible governance we have no real community cohesion. 

So who are these people, and why are they burning down my city?