Monday, September 28, 2020

MEMO: For GOD'S Sake?

theodore miraldi.


It's sad the level of intolerance from the Touchy, Feely Party. A day doesn't pass without one of their geniuses calling someone a Racist, or Fascist. The Democrat Party has devolved into a species of nothing more than nerve endings, compulsive reactions, and poor people skills.

It seems the only people listening to their never-ending attacks are the rioters and Pseudo-Revolutionaries like AOC and the Squad. Our nation is in a real crisis, and it would appear the Democrats are the cause once more!

The minds of MIce and questionable Men are shredding the Constitution and laughing. Too many Joints, too much Alcohol and the Rash of STD's, AIDS, and CoronaVirus has sent them over the cliff! At one time in my life, I considered myself LIberal and boy was my life a mess!

Unfortunately, many Liberals just haven't grown up. And the ones in the pockets of the Taxpayers haven't actually earned a living yet. I've always been a Live & Let Live guy and let my actions speak for themselves. You know whenever someone is trying to explain to you, what You mean, they have no idea what they are talking about. Thanks for the help, but maybe you need to clam-up!

This would make a little sense if the Left actually had something that wasn't some faraway future goal that they never seem to deliver.

Magical Thinking works better in a Magical World, most of us live in the present. How about showing us you can manage your own affairs without preaching to the rest of us. Example: For my friends and neighbors, for God's sake clean up your own backyard.

When you're done we'll talk. Too much crime in your Hood, stop looking the other way and step-up. You are letting the Bullies Win. It's gotten so bad that our Local, State, and even Federal Government is filled with Bullies.

And those Inalienable God-given Rights are disappearing. There's a New God in town now called Demigods.

Obey, Or Be Canceled!

Artwork: Heracles and the Hydra

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