Thursday, September 10, 2020

OpEd: Constitution Replaced By TERMS OF SERVICE

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In our not so long illustrious existence the United States of America has been guided by the core values enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Carefully crafting the words that had until the Civil War tried to create the perfect union between its residents and government.

Our Founding Documents has served us well through War and National Tragedy. Its Citizens remained proud even though we were not perfect. Then something happened...

Artificial Intelligence and the Birth of the Lazy Citizen. Remember the uproar when calculators were given to children in school? The Birth of the Lazy Mind began. Cast aside were the historical reference one needs to analyze and deduce logical outcomes.

It has been proven through empirical evidence that math and logic are synonymous. The core of the organization within the working mind relies on the linear process. This process of linear thinking is the nexus of natural science. The added ability of abstraction can only operate as the inspiration and not the cure.

It's why in simpler terms Humanistic narratives within the government are subject to constant change without the science of logic.

Artificial Intelligence with all its wizardry, bells, and whistles can never replace the processes of human thought. Logic without inspiration develops a false dichotomy of mundane existence and robotic responses. One knows through experience, trial, and error which path results in a more human outcome. Human beings are not a series of 1's and 0's.

What we are experiencing in our lives at the moment is the force-feeding of Propaganda using techniques that only the Elites of Silicon Valley understand. In their repetitious banter of a Brave New World, they forget to explain the outcome related to the Individual's Rights.

In their minds, they are helping us understand the new morality that dictates our compliance whether we agree or not.

Their Terms of Service is more like a manifesto meant to illuminate your failures and forcefully correct them. This insidious methodology leaves no room for dissent. Disobey and you will be banned, ostracized, and therefore canceled.

Their micro-chip understanding of Individual Rights are seen as a nuisance and counter to your well being.

The Tech Giants control your world, and the words of our Founding Fathers.

 'Resistance is Futile' ...  Just Ask The Tech Giants!

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