Sunday, September 6, 2020

OpEd: Democrats DESTROYING New York City

theodore miraldi.

As a proud grandson of Italian and Jewish Immigrants who braved the mighty Atlantic, how unfortunate the New York of today has little resemblance to their hope and dreams. They were probably card-carrying Democrats.

The Democrats who cared about the working class, helped establish Labor Unions, and yes Women's and Civil Rights. My family for the most part were Blue Collar, toiling the streets of the Garment District, Construction, and yes, even Law!

They were Penniless and Proud. This was the land that anyone from anywhere could be Free. and with hard work build a more successful life.

I want to say something plain and clear. When my life took a turn for the worse over 30 years ago, it was the Old Guard Democrats who helped me to my feet. What a difference 30 years has made in the city that I love. Make no mistake there are still wonderful people in my city who still care and do what is right, but where have all of these bad people come from?

My New York was filled with young people from all over the nation, trying to stake their claim to success. They were much too busy competing and imagining better ways and means to make their mark. The city sparkled with enthusiasm and smiling faces. You could feel the sense of pride the young bestowed upon themselves fueled only by their own merit.

That enthusiasm propelled the society to accomplish bigger and better things, the social justice we all clamor for wasn't being forced down anyone's throats with threats, or by bullying. But something changed!

As outlying communities became more populated with less-educated groups the city, and its masterminds started gerrymandering the Public Schools so that more children would fail in an attempt to make those who screamed of victimization feel relevant. 

Now, look what you've done!

If I had only realized that crying about my personal failures would have opened more doors. I had to work and work hard to climb from the abyss of human experience into the world I had once been part of. After years of re-educating myself, I have finally emerged from the depths of disappointment.

The difference was it was my own fault with no-one else to blame.

As a native New Yorker with a unique perspective on her worth, I try to help others who are struggling with life-changing narratives. The sense of pride and accomplishment is still here for all who wish to embrace it!

What has become of the good-hearted people who once called themselves Democrats? 

Their enthusiasm has turned to hatred of all who oppose a new narrative that requires no-one to do the work to improve themselves. After all, life has its struggles, but when we truly work together anything is possible.

So as many have said before me, 'The Democrat Party Left Me.' A great lose for all! What I have also realized through my latter life is that unless we enact cogent policy and demand responsible governance we have no real community cohesion. 

So who are these people, and why are they burning down my city?

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