Monday, September 28, 2020

OpEd: NO! Say Democrats Crying About Scotus Pick


theodore miraldi.

 Did it stop President Obama from picking a nominee during an election year? Even when the Republicans ranted about Obama being in the last 10 months of his second term, Obama did not withdraw his selection. And here's the rub, just as the Republicans held power in the Senate during Obama's last year, Republicans are the majority once more.

What we are looking at this election year is a massive resist by Democrats to drag the election out past the date the Electoral College must decide who the winner actually is. If so, it then goes to the House of Representatives. Barring any shenanigans by the party that likes to cheat, such as voter fraud or uncounted ballots, the House chooses the President. 

So in order to avoid a stickup by the Democrats, it is imperative that Trump nominates a replacement for RBG. This election will be decided in the courts, the Democrats have already enlisted over 600 Lawyers to challenge ballots and decisions made by the Electorate. Let's be clear, the Democrat Party is a horde of criminals that allows thugs to burn down private property, maim and kill anyone who dissents.

Like it or not, Trump is the President and it's his duty to nominate RBG's successor. And although there are cries by both parties regarding Merrick Garland twisting the truth doesn't make it the same situation, and they know it. 

There's even talk by the Democrats to Impeach Trump again to stop his nomination.These are sick people who LUST for POWER...

The Democrats are going to stomp their feet no matter what. It's a sad state of affairs when those you are supposed to Trust continually break it. Did the heart of our nation matter when they tried to impeach Trump on falsified testimony and documents? When they eviscerated Judge Cavanaugh in full view of the public? 

This election may very well go to the Supreme Court! Fill the empty seat whether the Democrats like it or not!

Don't hold your breath. The Democrats will do whatever is necessary to win.

You can bet your Life on it!   

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