Saturday, October 24, 2020

OpEd: An Election REVOLUTION


theodore miraldi.

After 12 years of covering up the truth to hide their massive corruption, the Democrats are now apoplectic. This election may be their last chance to cover-up their raping the nation of its dignity. Obama's 8 years were filled with cover-ups and arrogance. The Democrats have become the voice of the street rioters and store looters, funny how the narrative seems the same.

What is being revealed regarding BIDEN has only one resolution, and that is to withdraw from the election or be shamed forever in history. The false denials in the face of corroborating evidence is a fact, no matter what the Democrat talking heads are feeding the public. It's no more than their usual Propaganda. This is more like Communism than Democracy.

The nation and all of its citizens have suffered in some way since 2008. Groups and individuals were censored, investigated and spied on without their knowledge or permission. Big Brother had finally landed in the name of Barack Hussein Obama. Make no mistake a man's past does matter when filled with Communist and Socialist Mentors and Family Members.

What's at stake in the 2020 Election is far greater than Democrats or Republicans, it's about the sovereignty of our nation on macro and micro levels through every socio-economic schema known.

Those who feel that turning their backs on our success shows independence from our failures, only represent the greater failure ahead. And those who feel tightening the reins of individual freedoms will alleviate the unrest will be fighting the battle till kingdom come.

Americans must once again rely on common sense based upon interpersonal relationships throughout our communities. The axiom that we are only as great as the least among us must be a lesson practiced with a passion. It has become evident that the guiding mantra of civilized human behaviors has taken a turn for the worst. The wants of our flawed behaviors cannot guide the true purpose of bringing people together.

By losing the will to allow your inner voice to speak its truths, you deny the greater part of humanity.

So, whether you are a Democrat or Republican we are in the throes of a revolution the politics of which are the symptom of a far greater problem...

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