Sunday, November 29, 2020

OpEd: Our THIRD WORLD Election


theodore MIRALDI.

 What the Left has been savoring for several decades has finally taken place, Systemic Election Fraud!

Only the feeble-minded would believe Biden/Harris received 80 Million Legal Votes!

Finally joining hands with their Communist counterparts to rig elections, our Congress (Politburo) has succumbed to the allure of Third-World Democracies. One person, ten votes or more, to sway elections for the Socialist Democrat Party. We are now on the verge of an American/Bolshivic style uprising. The little people have had enough! The ones they call racist, deplorable, and nazis...

As their armed goons travel from city to city terrorizing the locals and beating down the opposition no-ones paying attention to vans in the middle of the night dropping off mail-in fraud ballots. It helps to lock down the population with massive fear-mongering and threats of imminent death by Covid.

The arrogance that comes with rigging elections is astounding. In light of widespread Ballot Corruption, the Left and their party apparatus media, plunge the nation into one crisis after another. 

As I have said for some time, people needed to go to jail for the attempted political coup of a sitting president. My faith in the institutions of the great nation has been severely damaged. There was no sleight of hand by the Democrats, it was a full-frontal attack on our way of life. The puppet of the NWO may now sit at the seat of power and lay in bed with communists around the world. Our leaders have fallen into the addiction of power and wealth, the same addiction shared with their new counterparts around the world. Americans will soon become second class citizens at the mercy of their government. What's next, bread lines and soup kitchens?

The Left's only concern was to get Trump out of office at any cost, mostly taxpayer-funded to pay for their folly. Disrupting their lifelong meal ticket was at risk and the new elite just couldn't stand idle.

No matter what you think of President Trump, he got things done unlike those with the massive hangover from free cash and little accomplishment. 

This election was probably the largest con-job on American Voters the nation has ever experienced. Its roots in slimy Chicago-style, Mayor Daley corruption resurrected in 2008 by the charlatan Obama. 

So, after 4 years of accomplishments that seriously embarrassed an inept Left, the Fix was in...

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

OpEd: Left's Power Is Pettiness

theodore MIRALDI
edited 11/24/20

Where to begin...

There's another Pandemic in our nation that has infected half of the population, it's called Pettiness-101. It's taught in nearly all of our institutions of higher learning. The great minds on the Left resort to it on nearly every issue known to get what they want. I call it Systemic Ignorance, it has become a prerequisite when applying for employment on Fake news networks, and many government institutions.  

We now live in a world where nothing adds up and a vast swath of the population could care less. Just today with all the lawsuits, affidavits, and outright voter fraud, Twitter the mind of the mindless is telling us that "Voter Fraud of Any Kind is Exceedingly Rare in the US, Election Experts Confirm." Poorly educated employees make more mistakes, that's just common sense. Add to it lifetime employment through public union contracts and one can easily see why we are headed for a crack-up! Put simply as Obama stated, 'You didn't build that', and surrounding your life with expensive trinkets doesn't mean you're a genius. The hard work of creating the system of government we enjoy was given to us by smarter people than ourselves.

So where have we gone wrong? 

The Elite Billionaires believe they have your back by Inflaming, Slandering, and Canceling anyone that they disagree with. While the ever-bumbling Left continues to search for their next grievance against the Human Race. What confounds me are those who believe Fake news commentators who have perfected the use of dehumanizing tactics to deliver their message. Talking down to their own viewers who seem to relish in the drama we see playing out on our streets, neighborhoods, and workplace. I'm always amazed by the level of rancor I hear while in public places. The violent verbiage and threatening effects have now become the language of the Elites.

So consumed with their own fake self-importance the Big Picture has been reduced to a handheld screen of Texts, Selfies, and Twitter. These are the children of the regressive-rrogressives. Petty, Petulant, and ever Whining, some with 5 o'clock shadows and varicose veins. 

What's disconcerting is the level of dishonestly and bullying in regard to the corrupt tactics used by the Left to win an election by cheating.  No doubt they have decades of experience when dealing with the darker side of humanity's nature,. The proof is the frivolous lawsuits to change election laws through means not legislated only show the intent to corrupt. The lack of faith in our Constitution is disturbing. The willingness to break the rules only shows the weakness of character and self-belief.

We have experienced how the Left acts when they lose by trashing everything in their path. In the end, those who learn from loss strengthen their character, and in so promote our common goals ... minus the pettiness and false pride.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

EDITORIAL: The POLITICS Of Creative Destruction


theodore miraldi.

Although the paradigm of creative/destruction defines an economic process, theoretically it applies to the act of change, and renewal. It has a universal narrative embedded not only in our personal narratives, but in the body politic as well. 

What we have witnessed this election cycle was an asserted effort to manipulate the minds and votes of the public. Never in American History have so many looked the other way, contributed to corruption, and cheered. The fact is. all things were not equal.

I won't waste the effort trying to explain to those who no longer hear. Hate is a destructive force, it has murdered millions in our very short lifetimes. Political Hate has killed Hope for half of the nation, it's a Human Pandemic that infects the minds of the unsuspecting. As humans, group association is a vital part of how we represent our feelings. The larger the group the more validation, the KKK had 3 to 6 million members in the early 1900's. So, for those who believe that might equals right, guess again.

Here we stand, approaching only half of what we can be, and although there are those who wish to dig in and resist, my hope is that Good triumphs over Evil, maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. It always does.

What we must resist is the intent of frivolous actors who game not only the system but life itself. Wasting gifts that are bestowed on neither those who are rich, or poor, but all of us. And, somewhere down the road character and necessity meet, and together as one nation, humanity will overcome its primitive frailties and lost synergies.

Artwork by Bojan Jevtić.

Saturday, November 7, 2020



theodore miraldi.

The Democrats have finally succeeded in ousting Donald Trump from office. This may be their greatest scheme ever using the intended consequences of Mail-In Ballots. For those who can be truthful enough, we told you this would happen and nothing was done legally to prevent this Banana Republic Election that has just embarrassed our nation. Funny how the Democrats didn't insist on having UN Poll Watchers for such a crucial election. What's even more egregious was to not allow Americans to watch the ballots being counted.

There are so many irregularities in the integrity of this election that fair-minded individuals would insist on an AUDIT of ALL BALLOTS being legal in order to be counted!  A RECOUNT Only Validates Corruption! One side is insisting that Every Ballot be counted, while the other side insists only LEGAL BALLOTS be counted. Can you see the ruse?

Middle of the night deliveries and whole districts without even one Trump vote. That's when curious becomes corruption. 

This election was the first strike by the Tech Giants to take over the minds and souls our this nation. In concert with a Democrat Party that looks more like the Degressive Movement introduced by Barack Hussein Obama whose credentials of Half/White, Half/Black, Muslim/Christian, Communist/Socialist narrative began polluting our Institutions and allowing Big Tech into the Oval Office. 

Their Kill Shot has come from the Media, who now rely on Social Media to make bank or bust! Transformed from Protectors of the Republic to Co-conspirators of a Coup.

We knew this was the Democrats' last chance to halt all the investigations and seal the massive cover-ups that the Obama Administration was complicit in. 

While everyday Americans are fighting against corruption the Perps had much more to lose than an election, and like cornered rats, they responded by CHEATING, something they have plenty of experience at doing. Remember 2016? 

So here we stand fighting Covid, Shutdowns, Personal Bankruptcies, and Eviction while the Party of Broken Promises distributed hand grenades in the form of Mail-In Ballots.

In lieu of what might seem like a death blow to the Republic, actually maybe the match that lights the fires of Patriotism. Maybe now we also have something personal to lose as well! 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

It's Your CHOICE: Capitalism or Socialism, Liberty or Lockdown


theodore miraldi. 

It makes me sad to think our nation has come to this ... after over a century of Socialist and Communist failures around the globe economically and socially that there are Americans who now see repressive government as a true alternative to freedom. 

To think that cancel culture, censorship, and bullying have qualities that would make our society better in any way. Or corruption at the highest levels of government by our leaders and candidates to enshrine the trust citizens needed to adhere to the principles of our Constitution. 

What we are truly facing is the greatest challenge since the American Civil War. And just as Americans had to choose before, we are faced with these simple truths. 

This nation for all of its faults has been built upon the foundation of Freedom. The Freedom to choose your own path and happiness. Many more have taken this path as a gift, rather than a burden. And although no government can guarantee personal success, those with the will to achieve have numerous paths to fulfill their dreams. 

What we are experiencing is a movement by a segment of the population that has taken the nation for granted. Told that the enormous wealth by some has an obligation to care for those less successful and filled with grievance. Unfortunately, this mantra is flawed by hyperbolic victimizations that are the result of poor personal choices rather than historic failures.

The responsibility of to from cradle to grave echoes within one party alone, and with it comes the repressive behaviors by its practitioners. Demanding loyalty beyond logic for past, present, and future assistance. This systemic servitude can only be maintained through mandated compliance and propaganda. This is not called Freedom! 

This is the new slavery heaped upon the population now being promoted by our new overlords, the Tech Giants, and Corporations. And their mantra is, 'Resistance is Futile' and your only alternative is the cancellation of your Liberties.

It's hard to believe that many from Baby Boomers to Generation Z would actually accept distilling the human spirit to drone-like existence. Yet, we see it on every socio-economic level within our society.

Will you accept being shielded by darkness, or guided by Optimism?

It would appear to me that maybe we have lost the ability to make good choices any longer. Has human behavior crossed its Rubicon? 

Always choose Policy over Personality, Success over Failure.

God Bless The United States of America!