Saturday, November 14, 2020

EDITORIAL: The POLITICS Of Creative Destruction


theodore miraldi.

Although the paradigm of creative/destruction defines an economic process, theoretically it applies to the act of change, and renewal. It has a universal narrative embedded not only in our personal narratives, but in the body politic as well. 

What we have witnessed this election cycle was an asserted effort to manipulate the minds and votes of the public. Never in American History have so many looked the other way, contributed to corruption, and cheered. The fact is. all things were not equal.

I won't waste the effort trying to explain to those who no longer hear. Hate is a destructive force, it has murdered millions in our very short lifetimes. Political Hate has killed Hope for half of the nation, it's a Human Pandemic that infects the minds of the unsuspecting. As humans, group association is a vital part of how we represent our feelings. The larger the group the more validation, the KKK had 3 to 6 million members in the early 1900's. So, for those who believe that might equals right, guess again.

Here we stand, approaching only half of what we can be, and although there are those who wish to dig in and resist, my hope is that Good triumphs over Evil, maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. It always does.

What we must resist is the intent of frivolous actors who game not only the system but life itself. Wasting gifts that are bestowed on neither those who are rich, or poor, but all of us. And, somewhere down the road character and necessity meet, and together as one nation, humanity will overcome its primitive frailties and lost synergies.

Artwork by Bojan Jevtić.

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