Wednesday, November 25, 2020

OpEd: Left's Power Is Pettiness

theodore MIRALDI
edited 11/24/20

Where to begin...

There's another Pandemic in our nation that has infected half of the population, it's called Pettiness-101. It's taught in nearly all of our institutions of higher learning. The great minds on the Left resort to it on nearly every issue known to get what they want. I call it Systemic Ignorance, it has become a prerequisite when applying for employment on Fake news networks, and many government institutions.  

We now live in a world where nothing adds up and a vast swath of the population could care less. Just today with all the lawsuits, affidavits, and outright voter fraud, Twitter the mind of the mindless is telling us that "Voter Fraud of Any Kind is Exceedingly Rare in the US, Election Experts Confirm." Poorly educated employees make more mistakes, that's just common sense. Add to it lifetime employment through public union contracts and one can easily see why we are headed for a crack-up! Put simply as Obama stated, 'You didn't build that', and surrounding your life with expensive trinkets doesn't mean you're a genius. The hard work of creating the system of government we enjoy was given to us by smarter people than ourselves.

So where have we gone wrong? 

The Elite Billionaires believe they have your back by Inflaming, Slandering, and Canceling anyone that they disagree with. While the ever-bumbling Left continues to search for their next grievance against the Human Race. What confounds me are those who believe Fake news commentators who have perfected the use of dehumanizing tactics to deliver their message. Talking down to their own viewers who seem to relish in the drama we see playing out on our streets, neighborhoods, and workplace. I'm always amazed by the level of rancor I hear while in public places. The violent verbiage and threatening effects have now become the language of the Elites.

So consumed with their own fake self-importance the Big Picture has been reduced to a handheld screen of Texts, Selfies, and Twitter. These are the children of the regressive-rrogressives. Petty, Petulant, and ever Whining, some with 5 o'clock shadows and varicose veins. 

What's disconcerting is the level of dishonestly and bullying in regard to the corrupt tactics used by the Left to win an election by cheating.  No doubt they have decades of experience when dealing with the darker side of humanity's nature,. The proof is the frivolous lawsuits to change election laws through means not legislated only show the intent to corrupt. The lack of faith in our Constitution is disturbing. The willingness to break the rules only shows the weakness of character and self-belief.

We have experienced how the Left acts when they lose by trashing everything in their path. In the end, those who learn from loss strengthen their character, and in so promote our common goals ... minus the pettiness and false pride.

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