Sunday, November 29, 2020

OpEd: Our THIRD WORLD Election


theodore MIRALDI.

 What the Left has been savoring for several decades has finally taken place, Systemic Election Fraud!

Only the feeble-minded would believe Biden/Harris received 80 Million Legal Votes!

Finally joining hands with their Communist counterparts to rig elections, our Congress (Politburo) has succumbed to the allure of Third-World Democracies. One person, ten votes or more, to sway elections for the Socialist Democrat Party. We are now on the verge of an American/Bolshivic style uprising. The little people have had enough! The ones they call racist, deplorable, and nazis...

As their armed goons travel from city to city terrorizing the locals and beating down the opposition no-ones paying attention to vans in the middle of the night dropping off mail-in fraud ballots. It helps to lock down the population with massive fear-mongering and threats of imminent death by Covid.

The arrogance that comes with rigging elections is astounding. In light of widespread Ballot Corruption, the Left and their party apparatus media, plunge the nation into one crisis after another. 

As I have said for some time, people needed to go to jail for the attempted political coup of a sitting president. My faith in the institutions of the great nation has been severely damaged. There was no sleight of hand by the Democrats, it was a full-frontal attack on our way of life. The puppet of the NWO may now sit at the seat of power and lay in bed with communists around the world. Our leaders have fallen into the addiction of power and wealth, the same addiction shared with their new counterparts around the world. Americans will soon become second class citizens at the mercy of their government. What's next, bread lines and soup kitchens?

The Left's only concern was to get Trump out of office at any cost, mostly taxpayer-funded to pay for their folly. Disrupting their lifelong meal ticket was at risk and the new elite just couldn't stand idle.

No matter what you think of President Trump, he got things done unlike those with the massive hangover from free cash and little accomplishment. 

This election was probably the largest con-job on American Voters the nation has ever experienced. Its roots in slimy Chicago-style, Mayor Daley corruption resurrected in 2008 by the charlatan Obama. 

So, after 4 years of accomplishments that seriously embarrassed an inept Left, the Fix was in...

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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