Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What Say You?

I’ve lived in a time of much tragedy and joy. I’ve soared through the clouds, and cried in the valley of despair.

I’ve seen armies marching, and illness cured, assassination change the face of policy and politic.

I’ve seen a nation rally to greatness, and bow its head in shame.

I’ve witnessed man’s betrayal of life in his quest to become god, only to start the clock of his own demise.

I’ve seen love like no other and felt its gentle hand and words screaming from mouths that hate man’s subtle hues.

I’ve seen praise for heroes, and praise for foe, and truth and lie intermingle as natural as mother with child.

I’ve seen force brought to its knees by a tear, an encouragement, a helping hand, and traveled the road that led from heaven to hell.

So, what say you of man’s silent courage to triumph over tyranny and moral decay.

For life is built of human tears, some sad, some joyous.

All to behold!

So, what say you?

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